Revealing my deep dark secrets through my DVD collection

When it comes to technology, I’ve always been a few steps behind. I’ve never owned an Ipod or mp3 player. I still have a pay-as-you-go phone. I barely use Facebook or Twitter. The one thing I have done is rely on streaming services and the like for my media needs. Oh no, I’ve become the worst thing possible: a millennial. Quick, someone, save me from this horrible fate.

I collect pretty much everything. Although I have a decent DVD collection, it is nowhere near as large as I would want. I know. I know. It’s starting to becoming outdated to own a DVD collection now, but I do like having DVDs on hand. It takes me a while to finish a series. Heck, I’m still on season 3 of Breaking Bad. It’s also nice to have them on hand when the Internet connection is down. Here is what I currently have on my DVD shelf. On top of this, I have dozens of DVDs hidden in the depths of storage.


I’m more of a fan of TV shows than movies but because of Netflix and other streaming services, I pared down my collection mostly TV shows that are unavailable online. Yes, among the pile of forgotten DVDs are various seasons of Friends. I know at least one of you is crying right now.


I also have quite a few animated and anime TV shows. Although most of them can be watched online, with these particular shows, I like having DVD copies of them to preserve my nostalgia and memory of them. I’m such a sentmentalist, I know. That’s what you get from a person who has a nostalgia blog though.


I’ve found it to be extremely difficult for me to find movies that interest me. With that said, as you can see, I like pretty much everything except for horror movies. If I wanted to be scared, I’d watch House of Cards. But, of course…


I think I’ve lost all credibility since I happen to have this.


Yeah, don’t ask.

Timeless Thoughts: An hour of television that doesn’t involve someone being horribly murdered

This post is a part of Timeless Thoughts, a monthly link-up hosted by Georgie and Tara where bloggers share something they’ve missed from their past. OK. OK. That’s basically my entire blog, but I’m doing this anyway. Sue me.

Whether you’re turning on the television or going through Netflix, you will surely be bombarded with crime drama after crime drama after crime drama. For the past several years, I’ve wondered “When are we finally going to get fewer crime dramas and more light-hearted comedy-dramas? Obviously, it hasn’t happened yet. Perhaps the Powers That Be thought they were making progress when they gave the green-light to various remakes of movies turned crime dramas. Yeah, to me, they took a giant step backwards.

What’s wrong with a nice comedy-drama about a group of people trying to deal with everyday problems of everyday lives? Sure, you don’t want to watch someone do their taxes, but there are literally a billion possibilities for interesting story lines. Addiction. Mental Illness.Medical Condition. Extreme fear of bunnies. The possibilities are endless.

Over the years there have been a few shows here and there that were hour-along and did not involve a cop with a mysterious past solving crimes or a grumpy doctor who hates everyone. Every time these shows come along, it makes me smile. Below are just a few moments that I find amusing from non-crime dramas that I love. Yay for no one being murdered.

Not Keeping Up With the Newses: The sun is shining, the birds are chirping and my commenters are celebrating wildly

After a flurry of activity in the comments section in my last post about trying to keep up with the news, I’ve decided to not worry about it as much as I have. Yes, you can all celebrate and have your cake now. I hope all of you like plain old vanilla cake with white icing. No chocolate for you.

Almost everyone who comment shares the same viewpoint: The news is depressing, horrible and should be avoided at all times. While I do have the tendency to give in under peer pressure, I just haven’t had much progress with keeping up with the news anyway. So it all works in the end, heh.

While I would still like to stay informed with the news and will continue to do so, I’m just going to do it the lazy way and just rely on CNN, Yahoo, local news sources and, of course, The Onion. And, yes, I’m totally being serious about The Onion.

Timeless Thoughts – A time when people actually went to the library to browse books and not their E-mail.

This post is a part of Timeless Thoughts, a monthly link-up hosted by Georgie and Tara where bloggers share something they’ve missed from their past. OK. OK. That’s basically my entire blog, but I’m doing this anyway. Sue me.

At one point or another, I am sure that almost everyone had a fascination with the public library. A place where you can check out books and use a computer and other resources for free? Yes please.


However, over the years, I’ve slowly realized that public libraries have turned more into Internet cafes. Go to any public library and you’d see a crowd of people in the computer areas and absolutely no one browsing books. They might as well remove all of the books and turn all libraries into giant computer hubs. I guess it’s a good way to get people to actually go to the library, heh.


I’m usually the only person browsing the shelves whenever I go to the library. There are usually a few people browsing the DVDs but the bookshelf aisles are deserted. It is quite serene and peaceful to browse books with virtually no interruptions. From time to time, I do get a slightly annoying librarian asking if I need help. I’m literally in the middle of bookshelf land going through books. No, I don’t need help. OK. OK. I know you’re a librarian and it’s your job and you have to eat but, still, don’t disturb me, unless you want me to stare at you with disgust and hatred.

All kidding aside, it is quite sad that as a society, we’ve all been accustomed to doing things digitally. Even I have been starting to check out books from the library online and having them delivered to my home. Going to the library just doesn’t have the charm and appeal as much as it used to. Of course, I did used to go to the library on a regular basis for a number of years and after a while, I just slowly realized that it wasn’t as fun going to the library as it used to be.

It has been a while since I’ve been to the library. The times I have gone in recent times have been more enjoyable than it used to be. I still love libraries, but it might as well be a Blockbuster, but with computers.

Singing about the struggles of blogging or, you know, actual social issues people care about

It makes me very happy whenever I hear a song that’s not about love. We get it. You’re in love or you’re out of love or you have a crush or you’re having a threesome in a hot tub. That’s great. That’s wonderful. But we need more songs not about love, breakups and everything in between. That includes intense lovemaking in a hot tub.

Seriously. There needs to be a boycott on love songs. Sara Bareilles is doing it. Why can’t everyone else?

Enough about love. Let’s move on to songs about depressing social issues, shall we?

Walkin’ On the Sun – Smash Mouth (Consumerism, Drugs)

The origins of this song is ambiguous at best. The sad depiction of our society is subtlety masked by the upbeat melody and humorous lyrics. Seriously, though, forget about drugs. Just waiting for a package of batteries for six to eight years would kill me.

The Remedy – Jason Mraz – (Healthcare, Cancer)

OK, maybe healthcare is a bit of a stretch here. This song was written when a close friend of Jason’s was diagnosed with cancer and is about how it impacted his life. Every time I listen to this song, I imagine a rebel trying to deal with a world of corruption. Or I just have a wild imagination. You decide.

New Americana – Halsey (Legal Marijuana, Same-Sex Marriage)

The most recent of the three by far, the song is about how the world is changing and focuses on legal marijuana and same-sex-marriage. It has a pleasant, slightly eerie tone, but I would have preferred something more upbeat. Yeah, despite my adoration for Michelle Branch, I am more of a rock guy than a pop guy.

Keeping Up With the Newses – The parents lost their jobs, the kids are hungry and the dog is dead

So, quite a while ago, I posted about a personal project where I wanted to keep up with the news more often, and let’s just say I have not been doing a very good ob trying to stay informed of current events and pop culture. Surprise. Surprise.

I chose a number of publications to browse on a daily basis, and the only one I’ve really used is, The Orlando Sentinel. I only do so to keep up with local news, and honestly I’ve been feeling severely underwhelmed due to the poor Web site layout. Every time I browse the Web site, I just feel like there aren’t a lot of articles to read at one time. At worst, there is nothing for me to read. AT best, I read one article about a person or a group of people who have died a horrible death. How fun.

On top of The Orlando Sentinel, I’ve also relied on the old standby of random articles from the front page of Yahoo. I’m a man of tradition, I know. I do still want to keep up with the news, but I need to come up with a routine that’s even more simplistic than the one I came up with all those months ago.

This is the plan so far:

– Instead of The Orlando Sentinel, I’m going a local news network for local news. Something like News 13.

– Try and use CNN for national and international news, but if I can only rely on Yahoo, then so be it.

– Use both Vulture and The AV Club for pop culture new instead of one or the other.

– For now, don’t browse specialty publications.

I don’t know if this is going to work out or not, but we’ll see. Maybe I should just rely on The Onion.

Remember These? (Songs) – Michelle Branch is nowhere to be found in this post

When a person has a blog where they talk about things that they find nostalgic, there will be a time where they will consistently get comments along the lines of “I’ve never heard of it, but it sounds interesting.” This blog is no different. So to mix things up a bit, I will list a series of things, of which I’m sure all of you would recognize at least one. If you don’t recognize anything, then I suggest that you stop locking yourself in your bedroom and get some fresh air. I, of course, say this in the most friendliest, kindest way possible.

I’ve chosen six songs that are all pop songs from the mid to late 2000s by non-American singer-songwriters. Yes, it’s a very specific theme that I accidentally came across. How many songs do you recognize? Please say at least one, or I will cry. You know I will, and you don’t want me to cry. Really, you don’t.

This is the Life (2007) – Amy Macdonald (Scotland)

Suddenly I See (2004) – KT Tunstall (Scotland)

Warwick Avenue (2008) – Duffy (Wales)

Bad Day (2005) – Daniel Powter (Canada)

Sweet About Me (2008) – Gabriella Cilmi (Australia)

A box of crackers, a handful of maple leaves and a crap ton of chocolate

Food. We can’t avoid it. Unless, of course, you want to, you know, die. Over time, we all have our comfort foods and guilty pleasures. Iv’e certainly had quite a few.

Aero Bars
Originally a product of England, Aero bars are chocolate bars with a filling that has a bubbly texture. They are now available in many countries, including the United States, and comes in multiple flavors such as milk chocolate, dark chocolate, mint, latte, etc. Yay. Unfortunately, here in the land of boring chocolate, only milk chocolate and mint are available here. Oh, well. at least we have mint.


Maple Creme Maple Leaf Cookies
Can a snack be any more Canadian than maple cream cookies in the shape of maple leaves? Perhaps poutine-flavored beaver-shaped cookies. They don’t sound very appetizing though. Maple Creme cookies are amazingly delicious but horribly decadent. Also, it may or may not give you instant Diabetes. I don’t know for sure. Regardless, maybe share the unhealthy maplely goodness and split a package with 20 of your closest friends


Kashi Cheese Crackers
Kashi is a company known for healthy snacks. That’s kind of funny given it is inconceivable that cheese crackers can ever be healthy. But they exist and I like them better than Cheez-its.Or maybe I’ve st been brainwashed. I don’t know.


Timeless Thoughts: Michelle Branch is no longer ‘everywhere’. In fact, she’s nowhere. Or is she somewhere?

This post is a part of Timeless Thoughts, a monthly link-up hosted by Georgie and Tara where bloggers share something they’ve missed from their past. OK. OK. That’s basically my entire blog, but I’m doing this anyway. Sue me.

OK, so this isn’t the first time I’ve posted about Michelle Branch. I didn’t dedicate an entire post to her though. She was more of a blurb. I wonder how many times I can subtlety mention Michelle Branch on my blog before someone mentions it. Challenge accepted.

As a teenager, my music taste was ambiguous at best. I listened to mostly country music and to this day, I’m still puzzled as to why. Now, I’m not a big fan of country music. In fact, I pretty much listen to everything but country. Yeah, I’m a strange one.

I don’t have a lot of nostalgia and memories attached to music until I was much older because I wasn’t listening to music until I was like 12. Michelle Branch is one of the few music artists I was familiar with around that age. Yes, I sometimes feel like a 12-year-old girl listening to her songs. Her songs are easy for me to listen to and they remind me of a simpler time. Since I listened to music at a later age and I wasn’t familiar with a lot of music at the time, it’s nice to have at least a small amount of music artists that I’m familiar with and can easily recognize. Plus, at the time, she was literally everywhere. It was difficult to avoid her anyway, heh.

In the mid-2000s, Michelle decided to form a country pop duo with Jessica Harp, a friend and fellow musician. I didn’t expect Michelle to sing country, but I still liked her. I did still like country at the time though, heh. So that doesn’t say much.

in 2007, they disbanded, and she’s been here and there but she’s nowhere near as popular as she used to be. She’s not everywhere. She’s not nowhere. She’s somewhere. Maybe she’s in a coffeehouse in Iowa.

Like a good blogger, I’m there… with a boatload of sarcasm and a sandwich

Commercials. They can make you happy. They can make you cry. They can make you throw your cat at your television. State Farm commercials, however, amuse and entertain, me at least.

For those of you not in the know, which includes pretty much everyone not living in the US, heh, State Farm is simply an insurance completely here in the land of bald eagles and sarcastic slightly-off (but only slightly) Asian guys. Not really your first choice of a company that has humorous entertaining commercials, I know.

Now, of course, you could say some of the commercials are false advertising but, honestly, if a person actually thinks their insurance agent is going to pop into your life every time you sing a commercial jingle, then you need to be mentally institutionalized, or at least gain a sense of humor. Whatever is easier for you. They’re not supposed to be serious. They’re supposed to be fun and entertaining and somehow get you to get an insurance policy from them. Wait a minute…

But seriously. Watch them, and I guarantee that you’d at least wonder who the heck thought of these ideas and what they were smoking at the time.