Revealing my deep dark secrets through my DVD collection

When it comes to technology, I’ve always been a few steps behind. I’ve never owned an Ipod or mp3 player. I still have a pay-as-you-go phone. I barely use Facebook or Twitter. The one thing I have done is rely on streaming services and the like for my media needs. Oh no, I’ve become the worst thing possible: a millennial. Quick, someone, save me from this horrible fate.

I collect pretty much everything. Although I have a decent DVD collection, it is nowhere near as large as I would want. I know. I know. It’s starting to becoming outdated to own a DVD collection now, but I do like having DVDs on hand. It takes me a while to finish a series. Heck, I’m still on season 3 of Breaking Bad. It’s also nice to have them on hand when the Internet connection is down. Here is what I currently have on my DVD shelf. On top of this, I have dozens of DVDs hidden in the depths of storage.


I’m more of a fan of TV shows than movies but because of Netflix and other streaming services, I pared down my collection mostly TV shows that are unavailable online. Yes, among the pile of forgotten DVDs are various seasons of Friends. I know at least one of you is crying right now.


I also have quite a few animated and anime TV shows. Although most of them can be watched online, with these particular shows, I like having DVD copies of them to preserve my nostalgia and memory of them. I’m such a sentmentalist, I know. That’s what you get from a person who has a nostalgia blog though.


I’ve found it to be extremely difficult for me to find movies that interest me. With that said, as you can see, I like pretty much everything except for horror movies. If I wanted to be scared, I’d watch House of Cards. But, of course…


I think I’ve lost all credibility since I happen to have this.


Yeah, don’t ask.

The desire to watch a film where Chris Pine is not shooting anyone

Every once in a while, I enjoy watching an action-adventure or a suspense thriller or a fantasy/supernatural of some sort. My heart, however, belongs to realistic comedy dramas. It might be because there’s just something abut watching something in film or TV that could actually happen in real life that makes me feel all warm and nostalgic inside. Oh, no. There I go throwing the N word again. Let’s just move on to the movies I’ve enjoyed that fit this genre.


Summary: A young man finds out he has cancer and undergoes chemo therapy.

Thoughts: It’s a touching, heartfelt film that will pull you into the life of a character who is dealing with a difficult situation and trying to hold everything together.

People Like Us

Summary: After the death of his father, a man finds out he has a half-sister.

Thoughts: It’s more drama than comedy, but it’s lighthearted enough to make up for the lack of comedy.

The Kids Are All Right

Summary: The teenage children of a lesbian couple want to connect with their sperm donor father.

Thoughts: It’s a quirky film that has its comedic and heartwarming moments, but there are also some moments in the film where it’s as boring as real life.