How many Asian men does it take to organize 5 billion books?

The last time I organized my bookshelf, I switched out some of the books for my video games and most of my DVDs. I just got tired of looking at a top to bottom wall of books.

Instead, I opted for a smaller wall of books. I simply put the excess books on the shelf where the DVDs used to be. And Voila.

There was really no type of organization with this shelf. I just shoved everything in there. Well, there was a little organization.. The books I want to read are on top, the books I don’t want to read as much are below and the bottom shelf stayed the same with my non-fiction.

I actually do like that this shelf is full of books. It just appeals to me much more on a smaller scale rather than what I had. Now, if I had multiple bookshelves side by side, that would be a different story. But when you only have one tall bookshelf, you need to display more than just books.

In the typical Nostalgicism fashion, I added a few knickknacks because what’s the point of having knickknacks if you don’t display them? Clearly two items were not enough because it looks quite empty and cold to me. To be transparent, right before I took these pictures, I did have random clutter on it, which was why I refrained from going overboard with the collectibles and knickknacks. But, right now, the shelves look sad. Almost as sad as a Miley Cyrus song.

But it’s a work in progress, much like my main bookshelf or my life, really, heh. Sigh.

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