Is it still a bookshelf if it’s not full of books? :o

Well, it’s that time again. No, not for a mob of angry Asian moms to chase me with torches made from traditional bamboo. It’s time for a bookshelf update. And this time, there are some major changes. Gasp. 😮

But, first, more or less the same. Let’s be honest, you weren’t surprised. The same old books. Mystery. Fantasy. The Dexter bobblehead. Blah. Blah. Blah.

The same books. The same photo. The same Chinese teacup. (Although, I’m honestly surprised that I kept the teacup there on the shelf.)

And here is where I decided to burn the rest of the books on the bookshelf and start putting other things on it because I got tired of looking at a wall of books. And I’m only partially joking.

Whenever I would look at the shelf, I don’t know, I just wanted to see more than just books. So I moved half of the books to another shelf in another room and replaced them with my DS/3DS collection and most of my DVDs. Oh and, of course, random figures and stuff. Because I’m not enough of a maximalist already. :p

It just made more sense to move the video games and DVDs to this shelf because I am more likely to actually use them if they’re in this room. I was barely using them when they were in the room they were in. It’s working out much better. 🙂

As with all of my bookshelf updates, I am liking this setup for now. I wonder how soon I will change it, heh. :p

3 thoughts on “Is it still a bookshelf if it’s not full of books? :o

  1. I love the idea of incorporating other hobbies with your books and making your shelf more unique and personal. I do most of my reading on ebooks or audiobooks, so don’t have many to display on a shelf. But I do have a little stack I like to look at!

  2. Looks nice!

    I tend to scatter collectibles on a lot of my shelves. Actually its about half and half. Some books on some others just collectibles. No wonder I have no room for books. XD

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