The light shall shine on Wolverine, and everything shall be fine.

The one thing I’ve always wanted was a bookshelf. I would dream about having a bookshelf to display all of my books and various collections. Well, I got one, and I’ve realized that one bookshelf is clearly not enough for me. What a surprise, heh. Unfortunately, I do not have the space for another bookshelf and, honestly, I’m too lazy right now to move things around. So, for now, I am working with what I have.

One of the things I’m working with is a display cabinet I got from my brother. I love it, but it has a black interior, so it’s difficult to see inside. To fix the issue, I put in some tap lights.

I liked them but after a short while, I took them down. I can’t remember exactly why I took them down. Maybe I just wasn’t feeling it. Or, perhaps they just stopped working one day. or I was staring at them one day, and I was like, no, I don’t want boob lights in my cabinet. I don’t know. So, for years and years and years, the inside of the cabinet was shrouded in pure darkness, and I was barely able to see my figures.

Then, one day, while I was at Walmart, I went through the lighting aisle and looked at my options. Not surprisingly, I didn’t have much choice. I ended up picking up a light that was basically a rectangle with a simple push button. I knew I needed more than one, but I wasn’t exactly sure how many, and I wasn’t sure how much I wanted to spend on this. Now, it was $6, which is not much, but I wasn’t sure if it was going to work, so I only bought one at first. I took it home, put batteries in and absolutely loved how much light it gave. The problem was figuring out how many lights to buy. I not only have the display case, but also two media stands. I was suddenly envisioning having lights everywhere even just on a table just in case I need extra light for something. I bought two more, but only ended up using one of them. The other one, oddly enough, is sitting on my night stand. There’s no specific reason why it’s there. It’s just there. It will be moved somewhere more useful, eventually. :p

The only thing I am not a big fan of is how difficult it is push the button, especially because one of the shelves is not secured and can be easily moved. It should be OK though because I am not going to have the lights on on a regular basis. I just have to be careful…ish.

I don’t know how long this setup is going to last since, you know, I have the habit of changing things frequently, cough. But it’s much better than what it was before. And that makes me happy enough. 🙂

6 thoughts on “The light shall shine on Wolverine, and everything shall be fine.

  1. Your set up looks great! We used to have a shelf where we displayed our Funko Pops but after a few moves – they’re in storage now. Hope we can get them out sometime soon! Good call on the light – looks way nicer!

  2. I love your set up! My husband and I actually do that with shelves and shelves of action figures from various series/anime and watnot.

  3. I feel you with bookcases. I never have enough but don’t have room for more. Also feel the pain of shelves being too dark. I have one I really should get some lights so I can actually see the figures and such on there. Glad you found something you liked though!

  4. I’ve always wanted a bookshelf also, I still don’t have one because I am so indecisive, and I don’t like how the said shelf vibes with the rest of my room lol. I love how you set this up and really like the lights here though!

  5. Awesome setup. I like your bookshelf.
    I have a book shelf where I display my action figures and a place for my books.

  6. Love your bookshelf! I also wanted a bookshelf for a long time and I have one now and love it but I already need another one, lol. I’m moving soon and hope to get another bookshelf once I get moved.

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