It’s an Adele song, but she’s in a happy relationship and she is not in her bathtub crying.

Like many people, I watch YouTube videos on a daily basis. I am trying to limit my watching because the videos I watch really don’t add any value to my life in terms of completing my goals. However, it can take me several months to finish one episode of Breaking Bad, so watching random YouTube videos will have to do for now.

There are literally millions of videos you can watch on YouTube. A girl showing you how to get a smokey eye. A guy playing Grand Theft Auto. A man in his bathtub crying because his life has fallen apart while an Adele song plays in the background. A Michelle Branch music video. The options are really endless.

Needless to say, I watch a wide array of content on YouTube. Sometimes, I’m surprised that the video I’m watching actually exists. Who knew there were so many different types of YouTube videos? There are two specific types of videos that I’ve been watching a lot lately: Reddit Commentaries and modified versions of songs.

Everyone here should be familiar with Reddit, so I’m not going to try to explain what Reddit is. That would be like explaining what Facebook is. You know what Reddit is and if you don’t, then good for you.

Reddit commentary videos are exactly what they sound. They’re videos of people reading off posts from Reddit, and commenting on them. It’s a relatively simple concept, but it’s surprisingly entertaining.

Song covers have always existed, but I’ve been noticing covers of different versions of songs. Sometimes the key is changed. Sometimes there’s a different harmony or rhythm. Sometimes the lyrics are completely re-worked. I was surprised to see such a wide variety.

4 thoughts on “It’s an Adele song, but she’s in a happy relationship and she is not in her bathtub crying.

  1. I don’t watch a ton of stuff, but every so often I will. I usually spend a good hour doing so. It becomes an endless cycle for me. “Oh let’s watch this, ooo that looks interesting! Last one I swear!”

  2. I heard about YTers taking stories from Reddit subs, I know because a lot of the communities I visit now, have sent in DCMA claims, and such because they are making money off their stories and lives. It’s crazy. I know one had to delete her account because she was speaking and getting advice for her mother in law, and because of the videos, her mother in law saw and caused even more problems in her life. I mostly watch vegan, and drama channels on there though.

  3. I have been watching educational YouTube videos more and more lately. I have been struggling a little with my university courses and used to watch a lot of YouTube so I know what kind of content is on there so I have been looking up things related to what I am struggling with academically and have found a lot of video’s that explain things I have been stuck on. You can find so much on YouTube!

  4. I can’t believe the different types of videos out on Youtube and such today! I haven’t really watched a ton of videos, but they come in clutch when you’re looking for something specific.

    Nancy ✨

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