Web Designing 101: Choose a layout and color scheme that you will keep until you die

I don’t know how I feel about change. I feel like I can adapt to change once it occurs but for the most part, I am comfortable with things staying the same, unless my preference changes over time. This is why I have not made any changes to Nostalgicism for over four years. Well, it’s time for some changes. Subtle ones, obviously. Hey, let’s not get too crazy here. I’m still Asian.

The first thing I did was change the image for my domain page. The typewriter was cute and all, but the image was kind of boring, and I needed something more interesting. After browsing through dozens of pictures of vintage computers, I pretty much randomly chose one that I like. Hey, it’s an image for my domain page. I don’t need perfection. I just need something different.

Speaking of striving for perfection, choosing a different color scheme was a different story. I knew I wanted to change the gray background to a blue background. What I didn’t know was that it would take me three days and about 100 shades of blue to find a color that I can live with without wanting to slit my wrists and cry in a room with no windows. Choosing a new color for the menu was less of an issue, but I think it was only because I felt so emotionally drained picking the background color that I lost all hope and desire to find the perfect color. So here we are. A color scheme that I don’t absolutely hate.

I also updated the links on the sidebar. A lot of the links were broken, and I needed to add a few people.

Eventually, I want to change the entire layout and add content. The layout would be more or less the same as my current one: something simple and nostalgic. For my content, though, I’m not entirely sure. I was originally thinking about putting up lists of things I want to do, read and watch, but that’s more or less what my blog is, and I’m not sure if anyone would actually want to see lists of various things I probably won’t do. OK, fine.. You’re probably used to it from me by now. :p Ugh, and this is why it’s taken four years for me to even make a small change to my Web site. Welcome to my life.

2 thoughts on “Web Designing 101: Choose a layout and color scheme that you will keep until you die

  1. Haha, this post is so relatable on every level! I adapt to change pretty well too, but I’m okay with stuff staying the same! Too much change in a short span of time can be stressful too.

    I also don’t change my blog layout around a lot, I pretty much just stick to one color scheme for a looooong time lol. Like you, it takes me quite a while to choose good colors too, which is why I just don’t bother with changing things around too much and just stick with good ol’ black and white. HAHA!

    PS: The Asian song is hilarious XD

  2. I hate trying to do stuff like this sometimes. XD Laziness mostly. My forum really needs a new theme…

    But anyway, it looks good!

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