Having a non-committal relationship with a bookshelf

It’s that time again. It’s time for me to show the changes I’ve made to my bookshelf. This has inadvertently turned into a series. I didn’t know that rearranging your bookshelves was apparently a hobby.

The number one thing that was bothering me about my bookshelf was that I had my memoirs on the shelf. Ideally, I wanted to separate my memoirs from my fiction because I felt it was wasted space to have them on the shelf. Before, I had various books I didn’t know what to do with in between some bookends on a nightstand next to the bookshelf. I took out the books that were in there, moved some things around and put in the memoirs that I was the most interested in and put the rest in storage. For added interest, I added a Kenny Plush (from South Park) and a framed photo of two people looking at the Empire State Building that I bought off of Etsy years ago.

I had most of my YA fantasy books on the top of the bookshelf, which was fine but it was getting a little too crowded for my liking. I decided to split them, putting some on the top of the shelf and the rest on the shelf below. To fill the space on the shelf below, I added my detective novels. The top of the shelf was looking a bit empty to me, so I just put a pot I got from Etsy ages ago to fill the space for now. Yes, I already sense a bookshelf update coming soon. xD

On the next shelf, I have two piles of YA novels, with themes of mental illness and the like and next to them are,well, random assortment of things I like.

The next two shelves pretty much did not change. I just added a Lego police car to one and a NYC tour bus to the other to balance it out.

The shelf below is a shelf I like to call the “Shelf of Death,” simply because I never know what to put there. I like the current setup though. There’s a handful of books I’ve read that I liked, books I’m currently reading and assorted zines, poetry books and bookmarks. I do like how it’s not empty anymore.

The bottom shelf stayed more or less the same. I just added more books. Oh, and I, um, got another Lego boat hull because I wanted one in green so, um, yeah. I’m a collector. Sue me. =p

7 thoughts on “Having a non-committal relationship with a bookshelf

  1. I really like how organized your books look now! The bottom still looks good considering how you have some boxes going on. Maybe stacking the boxes into two columns instead of three might be more worthwhile.

    Nancy ♥ exquisitely.me

  2. Why look you have a series to post now! XD

    No, but I get it. I like to re-organize stuff sometimes. It can be fun to find the right spot for stuff and whatnot. I kinda wanna share some of my bookshelves now. Would you mind if I did? XD

  3. I hope you continue with this series! I keep re-organizing my bookshelf too and need all the inspiration I can get on various ways to do it. It is a neverending project, haha!

    Your shelves look neat, and it’s nice that you’ve sorted your books by themes/genres. 🙂 I find things are much easier to find that way than when sorting by author.

  4. The first paragraph got me laughing! hahaha. Well it’s an art for my eye anyway, i love seeing bookshelves everywhere, it’s like my go-to on the mall too! ( a bookstore) so yeah!

  5. Wow, your bookshelf is so organized! Even the bottom shelf still looks neat even with the boxes!

    Now I’m inspired to re-organize my bookshelf as well since it looks so messy! XD

  6. Your starting to make me want a bookshelf. It’s interesting for someone who likes to read you think I would have one, at least for all my manga.

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