Confessions of an Asian Man: “I liked Twilight.”

I don’t watch a lot of movies. The primary reason is there’s just not a lot of movies that I’m interested in to the point where I have to watch them or I will die. Two of the few exceptions have been The Accountant and Love, Rosie, and I loved both of them. Now, there have been other times where I’ve been dying to watch a movie and I’m hyped up with it, and then I end up disappointed. Not angry enough to throw a heavy object at someone but angry enough to lightly slap someone. Conversely, there have also been movies where I wasn’t expecting much, and I ended up loving them. Funny how that works. You’re hyped up for something, it’s garbage. You’re expecting to hate something, you love it. It’s like I’m in an episode of Black Mirror. Below are a few examples.

It’s Kind of a Funny Story
Based on the book by the same name by Ned Vizzini, a depressed and suicidal teenager admits himself into a mental hospital after coming close to harming himself.

I knew about the book before the movie came out, but I watched the movie before I read the book. I had the opportunity to watch the movie for free while I was in college, and I was excited to see it. At the time, I wanted to read the book but was extremely bad with accomplishing goals and reading, more so than I am now. I know It’s hard to imagine. And I went by myself too. That’s how badly I wanted to see it. Boy, was I disappointed. I felt, in the movie, nothing really happened and, honestly, I barely remember what happens in the movie. It didn’t help that pretty much the entire movie took place in one primary location: the mental health ward of a hospital. This wasn’t the case with the book. They took out the entire first half of the books and the events that led the main character to checking himself into the hospital. Now, I’m not a book adaptation snob, especially because I watched the movie before I read the book, but it just was not a good representation of the book.

Logan Lucky
A man recently fired from his construction jobs plans a heist during a NASCAR race.

I wasn’t sure if I was going to like it. I tend to like comedy dramas because of the balance of funny moments and serious moments. With comedies, they tend to overcompensate and they have the vibe, “Look at us. This is a comedy. Watch us do comedy.” Not with this. It’s a comedy with a ridiculous premise that would not happen in real life, but it still has a down-to-earth feel about it. You can’t help but to root for the likable characters.

Going the Distance
A newly formed couple decides to try a long-distance relationship when one of them suddenly gets a job offer across the country.

When I watched the trailer for this, I was immediately drawn to it. It was a simple realistic premise. The characters seem funny and likable. It was a winner to me. Yeah, not so much. I couldn’t even get through the entire thing. Because it was so long ago since I watched, I don’t even remember why I don’t like it. I just remember it wasn’t what I thought it was going to be.

A teenage girl falls in love with a teenage boy, who happens to be a vampire

I can already feel a group of White girls judging me and rolling their eyes and saying, “God, even we don’t like Twilight.” Now, in my defense, I only watched it once and it was roughly ten years ago, when it came out. I barely even remember the film itself. I just remember watching it and liking it. I didn’t really know what to expect before I watched but Twilight is a movie that you don’t want to tell people you like. Oh well. I’ll live. :p

5 thoughts on “Confessions of an Asian Man: “I liked Twilight.”

  1. It’s okay. I think people have a problem with the characters and how they behave.
    I don’t judge anyone, anymore of loving Twilight, though honestly, it’s okay now. I guess people hated it on good and terrible, selfish reasons and just were obnoxious about it.

    I’ve heard of Logan Lucky though I haven’t watched Netflix in a while but I know I will eventually. Working and dealing with my physical problems have left me no time.

  2. The first movie does seem interesting, but I’d probably go for the book if anything. THEY’RE ALWAYS BETTER. XD

    I’m actually a big fan of Twilight. More so the books. Never was huge on the movies.

  3. I’m just generally not very big on movies but I can get into some, but I love books so much even though I’m much more into fanfiction these days. It’s Kind of a Funny Story is a book at one point in time that I did really want to read, but I ended up not wanting to when I looked more into the author tbh. Logan Lucky sounds like something that my dad would love, and probably me, I actually had never heard of that movie until this post. Twilight is a book series that I really loved when it was released, but not so much now, but I consider it a success that I got three guys that I served in the navy with to read the whole series, and three of them weren’t even readers and they all loved it.

  4. I didn’t like Twilight at all, couldn’t get into the books, and couldn’t get into the movies. I was dragged to the movies by friends who loved it to go see it. I will say my favorite ones is the last one it was more actiony and the one where Bella gets pregnant and gives birth but is slowly dying that was a dramatic one. I felt like the other ones was kinda cheesy. So it grew on me 🙂 But there’s nothing wrong with liking twilight heck i like anime lol

  5. It is interesting that you liked Twilight. I remember liking the first one but things went downhill as the movies went by. I haven’t seen the other movies before. Thanks for sharing!

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