Playing a giant game of Jenga, but with unread books

For the longest time, I avoided reading and my towers of unfinished book but after rediscovering book-related YouTube channels I’ve been inspired to read again.

Unfortunately, a side effect of this was I was not comfortable with the majority of the books that I owned because most of it was nonfiction, and I wanted to get away from that. So…

This happened.

Yes, I bought all of these books. And that’s not even all of them. In my defense,they were fairly “affordable”, and I was honestly tired of looking at my countless number of random nonfiction books of various random topics. I have a book on bookbinding. I have a book about death. I have a memoir of a man who bought a Korean Deli. Oh and I have a book about how to draw happy stick figures. I’m a very eclectic person.

But I wanted to change all of that, so I went on a buying frenzy and focused on YA fiction. Now, I am in my early 30s, and you would think I would feel uncomfortable about buying books means for kids and teens who are 15+ years younger than me. But no. For those of who suddenly forgot what this blog is about, I am all about nostalgia.

When I was a teenager, I didn’t do much reading even though I loved books. I was one of those people who would borrow books but not read them. That then grew to buying books I wouldn’t read. If you have taken a psychology class, feel free to indulge me with an informal analysis of my behavior. I didn’t take advantage of reading young adult fiction when I was an actual young adult, so I’m starting now.

Going into this, I knew I had to start with a strategy because I have a tendency of buying things I don’t use. I wanted to focus on Young Adult fiction because it’s easier to find books in first person narration, which is what I’m comfortable reading. I wanted to pick up as many books as possible to build up my fiction books, so my strategy was to buy any books that appealed to me that were on the cheaper side. I am Asian, after all. But in all seriousness, although I wanted to start with a good amount of fiction, this will be an ongoing thing. I just hope I don’t end up buying a book about umbrellas.

2 thoughts on “Playing a giant game of Jenga, but with unread books

  1. I hope you enjoy reading the new books. I don’t judge people by what they read. We all like different things, and sometimes YA does have good stories, that I enjoy too. I used to buy a lot of books that I did not read. Now I rarely buy unless something catches my eye at a yard sale or it’s an illustrated book I have wanted. Otherwise, I usually buy eBooks that have been sitting on my ‘read-next’ list on Goodreads.

  2. I love YA fiction! Like half my books are that. XD Even though they’re aimed at an younger audience doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy them. I mean a lot of the Harry Potter fans are adults, same with a lot of cartoons. So I totally get it.

    I think out of the ones you got the only one I own is “The Lightning Thief”. I actually have the other books that I need to read…someday. I so get buying books you don’t read. I got PILES.

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