Nostalgia Battles: Does anyone want to see a daily vlog of an Asian crying while blogging at the same time? (Blogging vs. Vlogging)

As a person who’s been web designing since the early 2000s, I’ve always been familiar with the concept of personal sites and blogs. Although I blogged a little bit here and there back then, the sites I had were more personal sites than blogs. I focused more on having content. Not so much now, heh.

In the mid 2000s, I stopped having Web sites. It was a combination of lack of interest and the change of landscape of the Internet at the time. A lot of the people I knew back then stopped updating their sites regularly, and a lot of the forums I was involved in closed down or had a lack of activity. Years after, I tried going back to having a Web site, but it didn’t work out for more than a year a time. Yes, I was one of those people. And, yes, I can hear your passive aggressive traditionally-minded Asian mother judging me.

Although I was trying to get back into Web design again, the reason why I started Nostalgicism was to have an outlet for writing. I needed a platform to write on a regular basis, and a blog was my best option. I knew I was taking a big risk due to my previouss failed attempts on starting a Web site. Although I tried blogging a few times, I wasn’t really into it because I honestly didn’t have anything to blog about. Back then, all of the blogs I was familiar with were personal blogs of people sharing their daily lives. This was pretty much my downfall when I first tried blogging. I don’t have a problem with sharing things about my personal life. I just don’t think people will care because I never have anything going in my life. There’s just really nothing to share when you’re watching Scorpion and eating pizza. This is why Nostalgicism is a pop culture blog with small pieces of my life thrown in here and there. I’ve found I’m best in small doses anyway.

It is no secret that, over the years, blogging has been slowly dying. There are just too many options for people to share their thoughts and connect with people. There was actually a time where people actually had conversations on tag boards. Yes. Tag boards. God. I feel old.

Over the years, vlogging has been more popular. Me, personally, I wouldn’t feel comfortable vlogging because I’d be too worried about whether or not I’m allowed to film in certain places. I really don’t want a McDonald’s employee to tell me, “Sir, you can’t film in here.” Heck, I’d be self-conscious just taking a photo, and that’s a lot more discreet. That is why I like blogging. It’s a private endeavor, and I can do it in the comfort of my own home. Now, it is possible to vlog in one’s home but, unless you have a specific theme or focus, I don’t think daily vlogs of you eating breaking and watching TV would be the most entertaining.

Most of the vlogs I’m familiar with are mostly couples in their 30s with young children. Honestly, they all blur into one super vlog, and I’m like when does one vlog end and another begin? I personally like vlogs that are not the norm, like ones that focus on a specific job outside of filming/making videos, a specific disease or disorder, etc. Now, with these types of topics, I prefer watching vlogs than reading blogs. I would rather watch a 15 minute video of the daily routine of a person with a health condition as opoosed to reading a 1,500 word essay on it. This isn’t high school, and I’m not a teacher grading you.

I, however, do prefer blogs overall. I’ve always been familiar with them. I prefer coding Web sites over editing videos. And, oh yeah, I have a blog, so blogs win. :p

5 thoughts on “Nostalgia Battles: Does anyone want to see a daily vlog of an Asian crying while blogging at the same time? (Blogging vs. Vlogging)

  1. “I have a blog so blogs win” Love that. XD

    I never really tried watching vlogs really. I rather just read a blog.

    I’d like to take more pictures and stuff for mine, but I always feel a bit weird about it. XD

  2. LOL. Tag boards… yep.

    I find it interesting that you don’t want to blog about your daily life because it’s boring and whatnot – a lot of people feel that way – but believe me, you’ve made an impression on me with your writing and shown bits of your personality in your blog. Without having to write about the more mundane stuff.

    Growing up, blogging has been a thing for me since I made the transition from writing in a physical diary to writing on a blog. So sharing writing about me and my life has been part of my life for such a long time. Over time I have found daily life more mundane to write about, though.

    I don’t enjoy watching videos very much. I don’t mind funny shorts, videos that focus on a certain topic, that kind of thing. I find daily video blogs to be fairly boring. It’s weird because I enjoy reading blogs about people’s lives, and people have said my life is really interesting (??!! haha), but I get so bored with video blogs. ? I definitely prefer blogging and reading blogs.

  3. I tried doing vlogs but it’s quite difficult to do because like you, I am boring and honestly who wants to hear about my life? Though, I do like the approach you have on Nostalgicism.

    I enjoy reading blogs more as well.

  4. I’ve only ever done one vlog and found it so difficult. I ended up filming it so many times then just couldn’t work out how to edit it. It’s harder to craft what you say than it is on a written post, so I just ended up rambling.

    I do watch a lot of vlogs, but still prefer blogs. I think they’re easier to consume because you don’t have to sit for a certain length of time with your headphones in. Plus I love writing. Hopefully blogs keep going!

  5. I’m more to blogs than vlogs. Never will I try since I’m so awkward talking in front of the camera. It should be really interesting for others to get interested too. Vlogs are kinda demanding like at least you update once or twice a week? Coz followers will wait for your update XD LOL But i love watching vlogs of other people and i’m really amaze they can pull such confidence and creativity on that. But still I’ll stay on blogging. I’m very much comfortable with blogs and blogging is not yet dead \m/

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