“Mom, why is this angry woman screaming and throwing a goat out the window?” “It’s just a music video, honey.”

Before YouTube, I would watch music videos on TV sporadically. I remember three specific occasions. The first was a Michelle Branch music video on Nickelodeon. The second was when I was in high school and didn’t have cable yet, and the only thing that was on at five in the morning was when they showed music videos with a sidebar showing what the weather forecast was. The third was when I was still in my country music phase, and I was watching music videos on CMT (Country Music Television.) Yes, I have a very complicated relationship with music in general. Like seriously. I like Green Day. Enough said.

When I was younger, even when I was in my 20s, I didn’t really pay attention to song lyrics or music videos. I just thought, “Oh, this song is catchy,” or “Hmm. The girl in the bathtub must be sad.” Now that I’m comfortably in my 30s, I do have stronger thoughts and opinions about certain songs and music videos. I’m like, “I feel like I shouldn’t like this song, but I do,” or “I can’t believe a group of older Asians didn’t gather their bamboo torches and form an angry Asian mob.” Although with some songs and music videos, I still think, “Eh, it’s a nice and catchy, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with this song.”

Criminal – Fiona Apple

I only discovered this song recently, and when I saw the music video, I had two immediate thoughts. This song is too sexy for me to listen to, and I felt like I was watching a mini-episode of Criminal Minds. Whether Finoa is the victim or the serial killer is still up in the air. The song has a sexy, sultry vibe, but the music video verges on the line of creepy. I honestly felt like I was watching something I wasn’t supposed to watch, which is how I feel every time I watch Gilmore Girls. Not quite the same thing though.

Follow Me – Uncle Kracker

I used to listen to this song all the time in the early to mid 2000s. It was just a simple nice and catchy song. What I didn’t realize was that it’s about a man who is trying to convince a married woman to be in a relationship with him. Someone then told me what the song was about, and I honestly didn’t know. I guess I was a sheltered Asian, heh. I still like the song because it’s cute and catchy, but I have a little bit of a problem listening to it. Although, I have to say, a song about cheating is actually not that high on the “Worst Things to Write About in Songs” list.

Song for the Dumped – Ben Folds Five

Although this song sounds extremely light-hearted and upbeat, it has an angry undertone that makes you slightly uncomfortable. Only slightly though. It’s quite fun and catchy, but if it came out today, instead of the early 90s, there would be angry mobs everywhere. And not necessarily only Angry Asian mobs.

3 thoughts on ““Mom, why is this angry woman screaming and throwing a goat out the window?” “It’s just a music video, honey.”

  1. Brooo. I literally only just realised that Nickelback’s song “Figured You Out” had really misogynistic lyrics that I didn’t so much care for in my teenage years.

    I’ve never really listened to Fiona Apple, but that music video did have me feeling strangely uncomfortable. That feeling of “I don’t think I should be watching this” happens to me with several music videos, and it’s strange because both music and their accompanying videos are open for interpretation but some can come across and downright creepy.

    LOL at the Ben Folds Five song though. I feel like a LOT of their songs feel that way, and the juxtaposition of the angry feelings and catchy music makes for a really amusing song *and* video. I don’t really get those uncomfortable feelings with this one until the bridge with the cheery music starts feeling like a bit too much… actually yeah I couldn’t quite get past the 3 minute mark when the chorus repeated. ? I used to listen to some Ben Folds Five but it was mainly the one album and I don’t think this song was on it.

    I really get into the lyrics of songs and their meanings sometimes. I don’t think everyone else does this. Nick doesn’t often listen to the lyrics of songs and sometimes I’ll point out that this song is so ~deep~ but he would have just thought it was catchy. We were discussing the song “High and Low” by Empire of the Sun and I thought it was a good party song but he felt like it was so obviously referencing drugs, because it sounds like he’s singing about LSD, but when you look up the lyrics, it tries to make that it’s “Alice D” and even the singer said that Alice was a friend of his in school. LOL OK?

  2. I never really watched music videos. I know sometimes it used to be a big thing to watch, during my brother and sister’s younger years, but I never cared too much.

    Of course my taste in music isn’t exactly NORMAL. XD

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