Currently Hiring: Someone to silently and not-so-silently judge me when I’m sitting in front of my computer not doing anything. Some slapping required.

This is the moment all of you have been waiting for. The moment I’ve finally accomplished something so amazing, so time-consuming, so mind-blowing that it would impress even the strictest of traditional immigrant Asian parents. I’ve finished a book.

Yes, it’s been a long, long journey when it comes to me and reading books. I’ve always considered myself as a reader and lover of books. Unfortunately, if you looked into my reading history, you can’t really classify me as a reader. It’s very similar to me and writing. I consider myself as a writer. Too bad I haven’t written as much as I would like. I might as well smear some eyeshadow on some girl’s face and call myself a makeup artist.

After a decade or so of struggling to read books, I finally made progress in the end of 2014, when I finished the memoir We Hope You Like This Song by Bree Housley. By May of 2015, I had finished over 20 books. A big part of this major accomplishment was the 2016 Book Riot Read Harder Challenge and, surprise, I ended up reading nothing. As 2017 was getting closer and closer to an end, I had one goal for myself: to finish at least one book by the end of the year. There were a few books I started, but I wasn’t really making progress with any of them. Except for one: Loud in the House of Myself By Stacey Pershall, a book I had chosen for the 2016 Read Harder Challenge. What’s funny is that the reason why I managed to finish the book before the new year was because of this blog post. Gasp.

I wanted to do a “Born in 1986” post, but I just wasn’t feeling it. I was planning on doing a post about finally finishing a book before the end of the new year, then I realized that I had less than two weeks to finish the book AND write the blog post. Needless to say, it was a good motivator, and it only took me two years to read one book.

Originally, I was just planning to read random books and hope for the best that I can finish a book before I turn 70. Now, I’m planning on doing a modified version of the BookRiot Read Harder challenge. Seriously, I need to hire someone to assign me books to read and give me looks of disappointment when they’re not satisfied of my progress. Anyone want to apply for the job?

8 thoughts on “Currently Hiring: Someone to silently and not-so-silently judge me when I’m sitting in front of my computer not doing anything. Some slapping required.

    • Thanks, but I’m actually not the guy in the video. I’ll take the compliment anyway though. xD

  1. I know the feeling! I’ve barely read at all this year. Usually I read loads of books. Shall I commence the smacking to get you reading? XD

  2. I went through a few years where I struggled to finish any books. I think a couple of them took years to read, just because I forgot I was reading them! I’ve got back into it since starting work though, but there are still times when I leave a book half-read for six months.

    Congrats on finishing it!

  3. Bahaha that’s great. Congrats on at least finishing 1, though! I actually just recently published a post on all sorts of ways to get books for free to read… And one of the best things I did in the past few years was to embrace ebooks/audiobooks. Audiobooks, especially. Makes reading sooo much easier and faster!
    Hope you’ll find space in your life for reading lots of books this year!

  4. Hey, first off, congratulations on finishing a book! It’s all about baby steps.

    Second, I just wanted to stop by and say I enjoyed reading through your blog/domain. I’m always happy to find other male bloggers, because it seems like the medium is dominated by females. I love the name of your site as well. I’m kind of stuck in the 1990s myself. I love nostagia.

    I hope you had a good New Year’s. 🙂

  5. Actually men invented high heels and used make up back in the day.

    No problem with that =) especially if you can look good with it!

    Good job on finishing a book-I haven’t finished one yet. I need to. Blah.

  6. Honestly speaking, it takes me about a good month and a half to two months to even finish reading a book, and that’s if I have time to do so. The only reason why I haven’t really participated in any book reading challenges, or even challenged myself to read most of the books that I have gotten (even though I would start to read them, but then I would realize “Oh crap, I have homework to do!” I’d have to eventually put the book down and forget about it.) However, there was one year (I believe 2016?) that I was determined to finish reading “Spooky Science, debunking the after life” book. It was a rather fascinating read and I highly recommend it if you’re into the Supernatural and Paranormal and want to learn what Houdini actually has done with science :). An acquaintance of mine from a few semesters back had seen me read it and even she wanted to read it, so I actually grabbed her a copy of the book and I don’t know if she’s even read it or not. But I do recommend that book though and another is by Ayn Rand “Anthem.” You can literally finish that book in a day or two. It’s a dystopian type of story, but it’s really good and quite possibly one of my favorites that I had to read during a Philosophy class in the summer.

    You’ve gotta give yourself credit though, at least you’ve finished a book. Just keep trying to read more. Reading is actually good for the brain, heart, and soul.

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