“You might’ve solved that puzzle with just one letter, Shannon, but at least I’m going to the bonus round. And I don’t have to slap you.”

I do not want to sound like an ignorant person, but I’ve never really understood the appeal of reality television. Now, I do love game shows, so I am fond of reality TV competitions but really, I can leave them or take them. I like the game show element of reality TV competitions. I like to see the different challenges. I like seeing their plans and strategies. I like to see people succeed, and I cringe when people fail. And ultimately, I like to see the winner crowned in the end.

If there is no competition element of a reality TV show, then there’s just no interest from me because I don’t really want to watch a group of people in a house being filmed all day. Now, if it has a specific focus, like a couple buying a house or a group of people trying to save a non-profit organization, then I’d be interested in watching. I know those aren’t really considered “reality shows,” but technically they are. It’s just a different genre. Honestly though, I’d rather watch Wheel of Fortune.

It’s a lot more entertaining. Look at the middle woman. She touches her hair and adjusts her shirt for a few seconds, then she’s like, “What the heck just happened? Oh well. At least I still won. Suck it, Shannon.” OK. Maybe not that last part but let me have my fun, OK?

I am sure all of you are familiar with Big Brother. Big Brother, of course, combines the “Let’s spy on a group of random strangers and lock them in a house and see what happens” element with “Let’s have a competition and hope no one punches anyone in the face when they lose.” Again, I am not so much interested in the conversations and drama. I’m just there for the games. Although, it is slightly amusing to see someone lose their shit once in a while.

But if I wanted to watch groups of people interact with each other, I’d rather go to the mall. And as a bonus, I can get myself a soft pretzel. Mmmm. Soft pretzels for the win.

4 thoughts on ““You might’ve solved that puzzle with just one letter, Shannon, but at least I’m going to the bonus round. And I don’t have to slap you.”

  1. I gotta admit, I watch a lot of reality TV to laugh at the people. Some of them seem to humiliate themselves. I think I am the complete opposite, I love when game shows get super super close and the person is close to losing. The suspense is great. But I am not sure if I am rooting for them or not. I have to like the person a little bit and I usually favour them if they seem like a nice person. If not, then, I just watch and see what happens. ?

    I have never found Big Brother interesting at all. I think I prefer game shows too!

  2. It is such a weird concept, to want to watch people do random things. I am not really a fan of reality TV. When I was younger, I thought Big Brother was brilliant. >.<

  3. I prefer reality TV with a competitive element too, but I do enjoy watching people talk also. I definitely have to watch a series regularly though to care about the drama/conversations they’re having. I find it really hard to care if I’ve not been watching a series from the start.

    I love Wheel of Fortune. It’s such a fantastic gameshow!

  4. I don’t understand why I like some reality t.v and not others. I like ANTM and Project Runway because mostly, I like to see the end products that they create. The rest? They can go to hell really. Most of it is just garbage and the concepts are weird. I don’t want to watch people “survive” or trying to win “love”.

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