Asian Guy Pretending to be White Insults White Guys and the White Things They Like

I do not consider myself as a very masculine guy. I do not care about sports. I do not work out. I don’t know a thing about cars. I, of course, feign my masculinity by collecting knives. I then lose my masculinity little by little every time I post a Michelle Branch song. So, that is why I am going with something slightly more contemporary and edgy.

I’ve always believed that I had a wide taste in music. Well, I can sum up my music taste into three categories: Sad folk songs, feminine pop songs from pop singers who have long since disappeared into obscurity, possibly to coffee shops in the midwest and a genre I like to call “White guy music.”

Well, now is the appropriate time for a mob of angry white men to chase me down with torches but I’m actually being quite broad here. To me “White guy music” is pretty much any rock song sung by a White guy or a group of White guys. OK, maybe I’m being a tad racist. But, eh, I like calling it White guy music. Sue me.

Hmm. Now I’m wondering what White people think Asian Americans listen to. Perhaps, in their heads, we’re listening to K-pop boy bands or we’re sitting in a circle holding hands while listening to the soothing sounds of monks chanting. I don’t know. I’m not a stereotypical Asian. I listen to sad French pop songs.

And I’m not even joking.

3 thoughts on “Asian Guy Pretending to be White Insults White Guys and the White Things They Like

  1. I always had what would be considered odd taste in music. I think I have only a few American albums, and the rest is anime, new age, or game music. Oh and cartoons. XD

  2. I like everything, except that music that sounds like you’re stepping on a rat. I think you get the picture. As long as it’s catchy, I like it.

    Been really into the Chainsmokers lately..

  3. But who doesn’t love Michelle Branch??
    I don’t know, for me “White Guy Music” is currently anything pop and auto-tuned, e.g. The Chainsmokers. Have you seen this college kid break down the formulaic songs of The Chainsmokers?
    I love anything French, so I’ll take sad French pop songs over White guy music any day.

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