Oh, look. There’s a pile of leaves in my yard. Let’s eat them and pretend they’re chips! And trying really hard not to cry.

Every time I hear someone is going on a diet or eating healthy, I silently judge them. This is OK because those same people silently judge me and others when we eat a bag of tortilla chips in one sitting with no regrets. I know. I know. This is not healthy and I should be running 500 miles every day and do sit ups and rub coconut oil all over my body to magically cleanse the fat away, but I refuse to eat leaves and pretend they’re chips.

OK. I’m not really being serious here. But when I watched this, I was like, “No. Just no.”

I am, of course, trying to, GASP, eat a little bit healthier and exercise and be a little bit more mindful of my health. Let’s call this Project One Tiny Leaf at a Time, or POTLAT for short. I’ve been eating more vegetables and walking more. When I say walking, I don’t mean walking to the mailbox and back. I mean actually taking time to walk just for the sake of walking, on purpose. Gasp.

My entire life, I’ve been struggling with eating mostly snacks and not really eating meals up until dinner. Over the past few years, I’ve been better with, you know, actually eating actual meals, but I do love snacks. To show my love for snacks, here is a list of snacks I’ve eaten over a long period of time.

Potato Chips
Sweet Potato Chips
Tortilla Chips
Blue Tortilla Chips
Ripping Tortillas into Triangles, Salting Them to heck, Baking Them and Calling Them Chips
Pretzels (With Cream Cheese)
Pretzel Rods
Thin Pretzels
Pita Chips
Cheese Crackers
Ritz Crackers
Wheat Thins
Triscuits (With Cream Cheese)

I, of course, do not eat all of this at once. I go back and forth and eat maybe three to four snacks at a time. Not in one sitting, of course. Right now, my snacks of choice are Tortilla chips, Cheese crackers, sweet potato chips and pita chips. Hey, I don’t discriminate when it comes to snacks.

As you can see, I like my snacks salty and mostly unhealthy. People usually suggest vegetables and nuts as healthy snack alternatives and I just look at them as if they’re an alien and say “I am not a rabbit,” and calmly walk away.

3 thoughts on “Oh, look. There’s a pile of leaves in my yard. Let’s eat them and pretend they’re chips! And trying really hard not to cry.

  1. Haha, I love you’re “I’m not a rabbit.”

    That said its good you’re trying to eat better and such, but its also good you’re not trying to go overboard! You gotta do it the best way for you!

  2. I know the struggle with living a healthy life haha my parents only cook on weekends and so all I eat on weekdays are fast food and chips.
    I never had the habit of eating breakfast because I’m not a morning person. Sometimes, I skip lunch too lol.
    However, as I’m getting old and start to live the adult life, I realize I should eat cleaner to take care of my body.
    Here’s to hoping we still can enjoy unhealthy snacks from time to time by trying to live healthier! (Who am I kidding, I’m gonna go grab fries.)

  3. I stopped eating nuts, because I would just eat almonds all day and I got a lot of puppy fat. I stopped eating because Nick is allergic to quite a few nuts, and so I just avoid them.

    I love snacks, but I have definitely eaten less snacks over time. I dare say your snacks are far better than mine, though. Sometimes I eat chocolate bars or candy for snacks, and something that has a bit of carb like wheat thins could be a better option.

    I also don’t understand the obsession with healthy snacks. I do wish there was something “healthier” than crisps and potato snacks, but that shit tastes good. Why NOT have it?

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