There are a million movies and I want to watch the one with the badass accountant

Admittedly, I’m not a big movie fan. It’s difficult for me to find a movie that I’m interested in. It can go either end of the spectrum. Either it is so uninteresting that I’m literally bored to tears or there’s so many things happening that I’m not paying attention to what’s going on. This is especially true with action movies. Yes, I’m someone who actually gets bored with the hero beats up 25 guys in five minutes. And then, for whatever reason, an explosion happens and more people die. Yeah… I prefer two people having a witty conversation and sharing friendly banter while eating grilled cheese sandwiches.

OK. That’s not what I quite had in mind.

If I had to make a list of all of the movies I’ve enjoyed watching, the list would be quite small and many of you would scream in horror and run away from my blog. At least one of you will force me to watch Jurassic Park.

Getting excited for a movie before it comes out doesn’t happen to me frequently. Particular with action movies. Everyone is excited and counting the days. Me, I’m just eating pasta watching reruns of House Hunters saying, “Meh, I might check it out from the library two years from now.” Once in a while, I do find a movie I actually want to see. I usually still wait for the DVD though. Hey, I’m Asian. That will always be my defense.

The Accountant
When an accountant who has autism helps another accountant from a robotics company when she finds an accounting error in her company’s finances, they’re both targeted for death.

What’s more exciting than an action hero with badass fighting and shooting skills? An accountant with badass fighting and shooting skills. I like action movies, but I tend to get lost with the lack of a backstory and plotline. There is no shortage of backstory or plotline here. You immediately connect with Christian and you’re literally on an emotional rollercoaster, which makes it ironic since Christian cannot relate to people emotionally. I’m still going with it though.

Love, Rosie
Based on the book Where Rainbows Grow by Cecelia Ahern, two long-time childhood friends have to balance their feelings for each other with the other aspects of their lives.

Spanning over the course of ten plus years, the movie explores the complicated friendship between Rosie and Alex. We get both points of views, and we see the ups and downs of their friendship. I was attracted to this movie due to the raw representation of real life. We all want t pursue things but something always gets in the way. At what point do we just say “screw it”? Not enough, apparently.

Woman in Gold
Inspired by true events, a woman, with the help of her lawyer, the son of a friend, sues the Austrian government for possession of a portrait of her aunt.

As a man who values nostalgia and sentimentality, a movie about a woman trying to obtain an old family portrait from a government entity appeals to me. The fact that this is a true story adds to it. Helen Mirren’s sassiness helps too.

4 thoughts on “There are a million movies and I want to watch the one with the badass accountant

  1. Same, I can’t finish a movie in one sitting. I always have to check my browser tabs and I end up pausing the movie for a while.
    Unsurprisingly, I haven’t finished watching Love, Rosie lol I promise to finish watching it soon.
    The other two, I haven’t watched but they seem promising! I actually like Ben Affleck.

  2. I honestly love Love, Rosie. The book was my favourite by Cecelia Ahern and nothing else she has written has ever quite come close. The book spans what, like 60 years? It was nice to see the movie reflect maybe only about 10-15. It was definitely raw, even though it was predictable. Some things really hit home for me and I may be biased, but I did think that the movie explored a lot of things that many people can relate to. Particularly missed opportunity thing (at the same time, way too many of those, too).

    If I made a list of movies I truly enjoyed and would happily watch again AND think they are amazing – it would be a bit hard to do so. It would also be a short list. Despite the fact that I haven’t seen many, compared to most people. ?

  3. I used to have trouble watching movies in one sitting but lately, my anxiety for watching or doing anything has improved. I have heard of that movie, but I have so many series to finish or start! I cannot wait!

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