Asian Guy Being Chased by Mob of Angry Photographers for Taking Sad Pictures of Sad Things

Over the past decade, we have seen the Internet change dramatically. There’s the obvious: We are more dependent on the Internet, and we’re on our phones a lot. I am, of course, not on my phone that much because I do not have a Smartphone. I actually have an anti-Smartphone, otherwise known as a disposable cell phone that I can lose and easily replace with little worry and much ease. Hey, look at me. I’m special.

I can barely remember what the Internet was like ten years ago. All I know is that it was nothing like it is today. It’s interesting because we were in a transitional period at the time. Back in 2007, we were still using Myspace and AOL Instant Messenger. A few years later, FaceBook, Twitter, YouTube and, oh yeah, Smart Phones took over. Several years later, well, they’ve dominated the world. Soon enough, we will just stop interacting with each other, lock ourselves in enclosed spaces, then die alone from natural causes. Sounds lovely.

Lately, I’ve been thinking about Web sites that were popular ten plus years ago that have disappeared into the woodwork. Why did they not stand the test of time? Do people still use them? What will happen to them later on? I don’t know what will happen to these Web sites in the future. Chances are likely that they will suffer the same fate of Michelle Branch.


When starting a blog, I’ve always advocated doing it on your own as opposed to using a Web site like Blogger or WordPress. I, of course, know that not everyone can commit to a domain name and a hosting package, but I recommend it if it’s possible for you.. The problem with Blogger and WordPress is that it gives you limited options for customization, and it gives you less control when it comes to coding and other things.

Blogger has fallen to the wayside in favor for other Websites and installing blog systems on their domains. I, myself, have never used Blogger. I’ve always had my own domains. I remember the one time I tried to start a blog on blogger, I had extreme difficulty. I don’t remember what happened. All I know is I was frustrated and angry. If I’m going to be angry and frustrated either way, I’d rather just do it on my own.


Flickr was never really a Web site that was extremely popular because it geared toward professional and hobby photographers. I feel like, over the years, it’s gotten less and less popular. I browse through photos for both blog posts and inspiration. It just reminds me that a lot has happened, a lot is going to happen and a lot is happening right now at this moment. It’s a reminder that I’m human. And, no, I do not get the same feeling from Instagram. Flickr is more “Look at this picture of a squirrel looking at a rainbow I took in the pouring rain on an empty stomach. Aren’t I awesome?” Instagram is more like “Look at my dog. He’s cute.”


Of the three here, Pandora was really the only Web site I used on a regular basis. I just started losing interest and got my music from other places, mostly YouTube. I do use Pandora from time to time, usually if I want to find artists or songs similar to ones that I’m already familiar with, or to listen to a genre station. One can only listen to Michelle Branch for so long. It is a good way to find songs you’ve never heard of before.

OK. You can send in the mob of angry Asians with bamboo torches now.

4 thoughts on “Asian Guy Being Chased by Mob of Angry Photographers for Taking Sad Pictures of Sad Things

  1. Its strange to think about how much the internet has changed. I remember using AOL and sites looking so different compared to now.

    I don’t think I ever bothered with myspace and stuff like that. I remember using Homestead back in the day for my sites. XD I did have a live journal at one point, but it mostly got ignored.

  2. The internet has changed because I remember getting DSL in my senior year in High school which was 2007-2008 and figuring it all out; then before that, dial up and AOL. Omg. It’s been a long time, hasn’t it? Time really changes things for the better or worst depending on how we look at it.

  3. Michelle Branch has a new song or album out now… I was wondering if you’d be on it?!

    I probably started out “seriously blogging” in 2007, and a lot has changed since then. Even remembering when I started a very simple blog about graphics I designed, back in 2001 or so… that was an entirely different time, too. I remember getting invites to Facebook and wondering what this thing was. Social media really took over the world and people are now struggling to consume it “with intent”. I dunno, in the end we all just do what we want to do, whether we have a smartphone or not, or an account on the latest social network or not, or whatever. 🙂

  4. Sometimes, I wish that I would have never got sucked into the Smart phone craze. But, it’s also kind of hard to avoid seeing as, it’s my job and I sell them now. Haha.

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