Listening to Dolly Parton While Avoiding Watching The Wonder Years

If you browse the archives of my blog, you can see that I don’t talk about anything before the 1990s. Well, this is a blog about nostalgia, and I was born in the mid 80s, so I apologize if I don’t show a deep, burning love for Elvis Costello or I Love Lucy.

I have tried to explore other decades when it comes to pop culture, and I’ve had mixed results. With TV shows, it’s difficult for me to engage in a TV show that I feel I can’t relate to and, for some reason, that tends to be more with older shows. With movies, it’s easier but I still have a limited interest in watching older movies. I always go back to my comfort zone that is the mid 90s and beyond. I guess that makes me a contemporary person. Or possibly retro now that we’re dangerously approaching 30 years since the 90s. You decide.

With music, however, it’s more timeless. It doesn’t matter how old the song is, It can be listened to repeatedly, and one can be immediately transported in time. For me, it’s easier with audio than it is with visual media.

I gathered various songs from different artists and genres from various decades. They range from the 50s to the 2000s. Surprisingly, I did not choose Michelle Branch. I did, however, choose someone remarkably similar to her. Eh. Sue me.

1 thought on “Listening to Dolly Parton While Avoiding Watching The Wonder Years

  1. Hahaha Vanessa Carlton! I laugh. Well, I really liked White Houses, a heck of a lot more than A Thousand Miles, which was overplayed. Not just on the radio, but overplayed on the school piano when people were supposed to rehearse or practice. 😛

    I agree that songs can really transport you into time more so than visuals. I really experience ‘old’ songs as I listen to them, and they really take me back not just to when I may have last listened to them, but take me back to the era they were from and make me nostalgic about the happenings around that time.

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