Timeless Thoughts: No one is selling flavored water, so I am stomping on lemons with my feet

This post is a part of Timeless Thoughts, a monthly link-up hosted by Georgie and Tara where bloggers share something they’ve missed from their past. OK. OK. That’s basically my entire blog, but I’m doing this anyway. Sue me.

I live in Florida. I can’t go without a day of someone reminding me to drink plenty of fluids, so I don’t pass out and possibly die from the heat. Of course, they do this while I’m drinking a bottle of Diet Coke. I get it. Water is the best option, but let me drink my Diet Coke in peace. Or at least have the courtesy of silently judging me.

I do drink a lot of water, but I also like a little variety. I like flavor. I like carbonation. I like choices. Water all day, every day isn’t the type of lifestyle I want. I’m a human being. I have taste buds. And they want variety.

Soda is my beverage of choice, but again, I do like to have choices. I like sparkling water. I sometimes drink tea. I am also a fan of flavored water. It’s a shame that, for whatever reason, they’re rare to find these days. Who would think flavored water would be a fad? It’s the 2010s version of Tamagotchi, apparently.


Water is water. It’s healthy for you, but it’s not really something you enjoy. You drink it because you have to. Flavored water is essentially still water. It still has no calories. It still had no sugar. It will still keep you hydrated. The only difference, really, is you can actually enjoy it rather than feel as if you’re obligated to drink water. What’s next? Feeling obligated to take showers? Oh, wait…

It’s a shame flavored water is not as available as it used to be. No, squeezing lemons into a glass of water is not the same thing. I want it in a bottle, damn it.

4 thoughts on “Timeless Thoughts: No one is selling flavored water, so I am stomping on lemons with my feet

  1. I am not a big fan of soda. I used to really like water. But now I drink tea a lot. And sometimes drinks with just a little bit of flavour are needed. I don’t think I have noticed flavoured water being harder to find these days, though…

  2. Flavoured water, especially the sparkling ones, has gotten to be a lot more common here than before. I really like the grapefruit ones when I see them. I also prefer lime over lemon!

  3. I looove soda, and for that reason I don’t hardly ever drink it. I broke the habit back in high school because I know it’s so unhealthy and it’s kind of expensive when water is free. It’s almost like an addiction: you don’t give an alcoholic a drink, so don’t give Becca a soda lol.

    That being said, I normally drink water, but sometimes I want something sweeter or with more flavor, so I drink lemonade when I want something different. I’ve not really noticed less flavored water until you mentioned it, but now I can’t remember the last time I’ve seen an advertisement for one. My mom loves the Crystal Light packs that flavor your water without the extra calories – you might try those as they’re pretty good!

  4. I feel you. I love my pop. Sometimes I like water, but sometimes you want more…flavor to it. Though never drank the flavored water.

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