Timeless Thoughts: Excuse me while I pine for every single thing I miss in New York and will never have in Florida

This post is a part of Timeless Thoughts, a monthly link-up hosted by Georgie and Tara where bloggers share something they’ve missed from their past. OK. OK. That’s basically my entire blog, but I’m doing this anyway. Sue me.

The problem with moving from New York City to, well, anywhere else is you will always be nostalgic of New York and will try to feel the same way about whereever you’re living now. It’s just not going to happen. It’s like trying to squeeze Michelle Branch out of Justin Bieber.

There are many obvious things I’ve missed about New York. The architecture. Walkability. Good public transportation. Parks. Chinatown. Mispronouncing my r’s without being judged. It’s the little things you miss, you know?

Then there are things that I miss that I don’t think about that much. Food carts is one of these things.

In New York City, food carts are everywhere. They’re at every corner. They’re in front of courthouses. They’re there when you least expect them. The vendors know you’re hungry, and they’re ready to shove food in your throats.

The closest thing to a food cart we have here in Orlando is a food truck parked to the side of a Home Depot. The sad thing is that I’m not even joking.

Eating from a food cart may seem like an insignificant thing, but I’ve had fond childhood memories of eating hot dogs and honey roasted peanuts from random food carts at random places. You’re just not going to get the same feeling from eating a Big Mac from McDonalds.


There are even food carts in Chinatown. I spent every weekend as a child with my family in Chinatown. From time to time, I would get what’s called mini cakes, which are small circle shaped pancake-like things. Yes, one can easily make them at home. The same thing with hot dogs. And, sure, honey roasted peanuts can easily be bought at any store. I am not reminded of my childhood when buying a container of peanuts from Target though.


Food carts are local and owned by individuals. Targets are not. I’d rather support a local business. Also, I’d be at home. Part of the appeal of food carts is that they’re on the street, and you can just grab something to eat when you’re out and about. Cooking at home is the opposite of what I want. I want my hot dog on my way to the grocery store. I want to pay three bucks for it. And I want a big hairy man named Mike to hand it to me. Steve would also be acceptable.

4 thoughts on “Timeless Thoughts: Excuse me while I pine for every single thing I miss in New York and will never have in Florida

  1. I wish there were more food carts in Sydney and not just for special occasions when there is some festival on. But it would just be so weird. It only happens at a time of day or a month when no one gives a shit about the roads being closed for multiple food stalls. And at that point, not all of them get the attention they deserve.

    One of my most memorable (not necessarily fondest) memories of a food truck is when I was upset and on my way home from the Opera House after I left in the middle of a concert I was photographing. I was just really down, and I was hungry. I passed a food truck that had kingfish sashimi nachos, and I really loved the way it tasted. It was bizarre, and it was a bit unusual, but loving sashimi and loving nachos, I really enjoyed it. Even though I was sitting with it on the bus like a tool, even though I was in the worst possible mood and had dry tears on my cheeks.

  2. Food cart and street foods are here in Seoul, but sometimes they’re being cracked down now because they’re competition to restaurants who pay rent and everything. But street food is a huge part of Korean culture that I don’t think they’ll truly disappear. I love street food, and we have such a weird variety of them here!

    I’m sorry they don’t have much food cart in Orlando compared to NYC. As a fellow food lover, I can see why you’d miss those!

  3. I’ve never been to NY, but I can understand missing it. We have Tex-Mex here in Texas in all shades XD Never really ate from a food cart but it sounds interesting and a fascinating experience.

  4. It is interesting to read your thoughts and the things you miss. I have never really seen many food carts (because I live in the country), but I can imagine it would be something you would get used too!

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