If you squint your eyes, you can barely see Michelle Branch in this blog post

I don’t consider myself as a big Michelle Branch fan, but I do talk about her a lot. She s one of the few music artists I’ve discovered as a young age. As a teenager, I listened to mostly country music, which meant I had little to no exposure to other genres. I was a late bloomer. Over the years, my music taste has shaped to what I can only call “oddly eclectic. I often talk about Michelle Branch on my blog, but there are others that remind me of my past in some way. It’s just fun to always mention Michelle Branch because no one I know would guess that I actually who she is. Actually, I’m kind of afraid to know what the people I know thought what kind of music I listened to when I was younger.

Gavin DeGraw

As with a lot of people, a lot of the music I listen to come from popular culture, specifically TV shows. I was never a die-hard fan of One Tree Hill, but I watched it from time to time. I was instantly moved by the theme song because it brought out the rebel in me. That, or I could relate to it. I can’t remember.

Jack Johnson

I don’t exactly know I came across Jack Johnson (not to be confused with actor Jake Johnson). It might have been from Pandora. It’s a very laid-back acoustic style that I’ve grown accustomed to. Very much like Michelle branch, he has more or less disappeared. Where have they all gone to? Seriously, they’re probably hiding in a farmhouse in Indiana.

Green Day

I can already feel you judging me. Hey, I like Green Day. Sue me. I think I originally heard them in an old Disney Channel commercial in the mid-2000s. OK, you can punch me in the face now.

4 thoughts on “If you squint your eyes, you can barely see Michelle Branch in this blog post

  1. I liked Gavin DeGraw and Jack Johnson even though I was not a huge fan of them. If you still like their style of music, Pete Murray and Andrew Allen might be your thing. 🙂

    Michelle Branch reminds me of my past a little bit. So does Green Day. Boulevard of Broken Dreams was my emo anthem when I was an angsty kid.

    Other bands that defined my past include The Black Eyed Peas (I was an avid fan from pre-Fergie), Linkin Park, Avenged Sevenfold and Oasis. Well, I still love Oasis now, but it doesn’t really help that they’ve split, so I tend to forget about them. 😛

  2. I’ve always liked Gavin DeGraw, though I’ve not listened to a ton of his music. I guess my favorite of his that I’ve heart would be “Not Over You.”

    I’ve actually not heard of Jake Johnson before. Oh Green Day, I think everyone liked them back in the day, haha! I still occasionally listen to some of their songs. They’re a good throwback!

  3. I actually love Michelle Branch’s first album, even got it on my IPod, and I love Jack Johnson, too! Where did they go?

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