Timeless Thoughts: An hour of television that doesn’t involve someone being horribly murdered

This post is a part of Timeless Thoughts, a monthly link-up hosted by Georgie and Tara where bloggers share something they’ve missed from their past. OK. OK. That’s basically my entire blog, but I’m doing this anyway. Sue me.

Whether you’re turning on the television or going through Netflix, you will surely be bombarded with crime drama after crime drama after crime drama. For the past several years, I’ve wondered “When are we finally going to get fewer crime dramas and more light-hearted comedy-dramas? Obviously, it hasn’t happened yet. Perhaps the Powers That Be thought they were making progress when they gave the green-light to various remakes of movies turned crime dramas. Yeah, to me, they took a giant step backwards.

What’s wrong with a nice comedy-drama about a group of people trying to deal with everyday problems of everyday lives? Sure, you don’t want to watch someone do their taxes, but there are literally a billion possibilities for interesting story lines. Addiction. Mental Illness.Medical Condition. Extreme fear of bunnies. The possibilities are endless.

Over the years there have been a few shows here and there that were hour-along and did not involve a cop with a mysterious past solving crimes or a grumpy doctor who hates everyone. Every time these shows come along, it makes me smile. Below are just a few moments that I find amusing from non-crime dramas that I love. Yay for no one being murdered.

3 thoughts on “Timeless Thoughts: An hour of television that doesn’t involve someone being horribly murdered

  1. That’s good there are shows that doesn’t focus on murder and such. I’m more of a slice-of-life person, so I’d be more interested in watching shows about that, rather than gruesome murders and such.

  2. I totally feel you! Sometimes I just want a light hearted show! There’s a few on, but not as many as they used to do. Everything’s always so serious!

  3. OH man hahaha. As someone who is generally into things like Law and Order and Criminal Minds (I do not follow the shows at all though), there are some more hella-serious gory or psychologically messed up dramas that I am terribly sick of. Prime time television or when I am simply bored is just me trying to change the channel to find something a little more on the light side.

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