Timeless Thoughts – A time when people actually went to the library to browse books and not their E-mail.

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At one point or another, I am sure that almost everyone had a fascination with the public library. A place where you can check out books and use a computer and other resources for free? Yes please.


However, over the years, I’ve slowly realized that public libraries have turned more into Internet cafes. Go to any public library and you’d see a crowd of people in the computer areas and absolutely no one browsing books. They might as well remove all of the books and turn all libraries into giant computer hubs. I guess it’s a good way to get people to actually go to the library, heh.


I’m usually the only person browsing the shelves whenever I go to the library. There are usually a few people browsing the DVDs but the bookshelf aisles are deserted. It is quite serene and peaceful to browse books with virtually no interruptions. From time to time, I do get a slightly annoying librarian asking if I need help. I’m literally in the middle of bookshelf land going through books. No, I don’t need help. OK. OK. I know you’re a librarian and it’s your job and you have to eat but, still, don’t disturb me, unless you want me to stare at you with disgust and hatred.

All kidding aside, it is quite sad that as a society, we’ve all been accustomed to doing things digitally. Even I have been starting to check out books from the library online and having them delivered to my home. Going to the library just doesn’t have the charm and appeal as much as it used to. Of course, I did used to go to the library on a regular basis for a number of years and after a while, I just slowly realized that it wasn’t as fun going to the library as it used to be.

It has been a while since I’ve been to the library. The times I have gone in recent times have been more enjoyable than it used to be. I still love libraries, but it might as well be a Blockbuster, but with computers.

4 thoughts on “Timeless Thoughts – A time when people actually went to the library to browse books and not their E-mail.

  1. I love the library and I love the books it has. Don’t feel discouraged, a lot of the time there are a lot of people that still love to read.

  2. I used to love libraries pretty much until I graduated from university. I stopped reading, I didn’t need reference books, I bought books online, I just didn’t bother anymore. It’s sad that what I once loved ended up being forgotten and almost overwhelming. My desire to read every book in the library was a far too ambitious one at best, and I even resorted to borrowing CDs from the library because I didn’t want to buy my own. It just all changed.

    I do still have a library card, and it’s free – I could be reading books for free instead of buying digital copies, but somewhere along the line we all got too lazy to browse the pages and smell the nostalgia in the air, we all partook in neglecting physical items, and the books just sat on the shelves.

  3. I miss libraries, but I don’t miss it, either. I miss that excitement of getting 30 books and taking them home to read, but I’m pretty happy with the convenience of my Kindle. Nowaday, I only go to the library to rent DVD or Blu-rays, haha!

    But libraries were my place as a kid. I’d go there and spend hours reading books. Back then, they had a ton of series I liked, so I’d devour those books.

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