Singing about the struggles of blogging or, you know, actual social issues people care about

It makes me very happy whenever I hear a song that’s not about love. We get it. You’re in love or you’re out of love or you have a crush or you’re having a threesome in a hot tub. That’s great. That’s wonderful. But we need more songs not about love, breakups and everything in between. That includes intense lovemaking in a hot tub.

Seriously. There needs to be a boycott on love songs. Sara Bareilles is doing it. Why can’t everyone else?

Enough about love. Let’s move on to songs about depressing social issues, shall we?

Walkin’ On the Sun – Smash Mouth (Consumerism, Drugs)

The origins of this song is ambiguous at best. The sad depiction of our society is subtlety masked by the upbeat melody and humorous lyrics. Seriously, though, forget about drugs. Just waiting for a package of batteries for six to eight years would kill me.

The Remedy – Jason Mraz – (Healthcare, Cancer)

OK, maybe healthcare is a bit of a stretch here. This song was written when a close friend of Jason’s was diagnosed with cancer and is about how it impacted his life. Every time I listen to this song, I imagine a rebel trying to deal with a world of corruption. Or I just have a wild imagination. You decide.

New Americana – Halsey (Legal Marijuana, Same-Sex Marriage)

The most recent of the three by far, the song is about how the world is changing and focuses on legal marijuana and same-sex-marriage. It has a pleasant, slightly eerie tone, but I would have preferred something more upbeat. Yeah, despite my adoration for Michelle Branch, I am more of a rock guy than a pop guy.

2 thoughts on “Singing about the struggles of blogging or, you know, actual social issues people care about

  1. I liked Love Song because it was upbeat and it wasn’t just about love. In a music class in the eighth grade we had to go in pairs or groups and write a song. FTR, my friend and I wrote a pretty good one haha. But when we had to choose topics, our music teacher made us realise that almost every song out there is about love. I think these days there are more about world issues rather than heartbreak, and it’s nice to see songs that take a political stand or have an opinion that’s different (but not too controversial).

  2. I don’t always really look at what songs are “supposed” to be about much.

    I honestly don’t mind some love songs. Mind you most of the ones I listen to are from cartoons or anime or games. XD

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