Keeping Up With the Newses – The parents lost their jobs, the kids are hungry and the dog is dead

So, quite a while ago, I posted about a personal project where I wanted to keep up with the news more often, and let’s just say I have not been doing a very good ob trying to stay informed of current events and pop culture. Surprise. Surprise.

I chose a number of publications to browse on a daily basis, and the only one I’ve really used is, The Orlando Sentinel. I only do so to keep up with local news, and honestly I’ve been feeling severely underwhelmed due to the poor Web site layout. Every time I browse the Web site, I just feel like there aren’t a lot of articles to read at one time. At worst, there is nothing for me to read. AT best, I read one article about a person or a group of people who have died a horrible death. How fun.

On top of The Orlando Sentinel, I’ve also relied on the old standby of random articles from the front page of Yahoo. I’m a man of tradition, I know. I do still want to keep up with the news, but I need to come up with a routine that’s even more simplistic than the one I came up with all those months ago.

This is the plan so far:

– Instead of The Orlando Sentinel, I’m going a local news network for local news. Something like News 13.

– Try and use CNN for national and international news, but if I can only rely on Yahoo, then so be it.

– Use both Vulture and The AV Club for pop culture new instead of one or the other.

– For now, don’t browse specialty publications.

I don’t know if this is going to work out or not, but we’ll see. Maybe I should just rely on The Onion.

5 thoughts on “Keeping Up With the Newses – The parents lost their jobs, the kids are hungry and the dog is dead

  1. Ahhhh news. I don’t watch or read news very much anymore – if at all. I use Twitter a lot, so that’s how I keep up with a lot of what happens ‘around the world’. I used to read the news every day when I was thirteen, for a year or so. My parents always scorned me for not knowing a lot about world events and current affairs and said I need to watch the news more often. I had ex boyfriends who were extremely into the news, they would watch it every day, or read the newspaper every morning. My parents asked why I couldn’t take their example. After I studied media in my last year of an advanced English class in high school, and did a media submajor in university, I had to admit it – I hated the news. The doom and gloom, the deliberate mind suck, everything making us helpless little nobodies and wondering why something so little made the news. I read this article about why we should give up on news, and it sort of made me feel better about not really keeping up with it.

    I have no intentions of making you stop reading the news, but that’s my thoughts on it. And seeing as you mentioned The Onion… 😀

    • I feel very much the same as Georgie, I have never really been able to get into watching or reading it regularly, because so much is filled with a lot of negativity. On the same note, I can see the importance of understanding what is happening in the world around you. I guess you just have to find the avenue that works best for you. 😀

  2. Like Georgie and Kya, I used to not read or watch the news often because it is negative and depressing. However in the past year, I’ve really found a couple of new websites that I really enjoy reading now. One of my classes required us to read some of these journals and papers weekly, so even after the class is over I still find myself doing it! I really enjoy being caught up on what’s going on in the world, even if I don’t actually talk about it a lot with other people (besides my husband). I just generally think that it’s important to have at least a general idea of what’s going on.

    (Side note: though, I am avoiding everything to do with the US Election. Like, seriously shoot me now.)

    I’ve never enjoyed my local news stations or papers so I avoid them a lot. They tend to be too negative or biased, so I tend to gravitate towards BBC and the New York Times a lot. While nothing is completely unbiased, I can always pick and choose the articles I read. 🙂

    HAHA. The Onion is great. I take everything back, only read The Onion. 😉

  3. I agree with the overall consensus that the news is negative and depressing – the sad part is that if you go down to the local level, it is just mainly depressing. I often ask myself why the local paper continues to exist – they publish the most inane things and charge over $1 for a daily paper.

    I’m rather embarrassed to admit that I tend to avoid the news as much as possible. I learn about most world events via social media, and I’m debating ignoring any/all election coverage. It is so biased, and makes me cringe about society in general.

    As for The Onion – I don’t have any thoughts on it one way or another. I’ll need to check it out, but if it has anything to do with the name – it might be worth reading.

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