Remember These? (Songs) – Michelle Branch is nowhere to be found in this post

When a person has a blog where they talk about things that they find nostalgic, there will be a time where they will consistently get comments along the lines of “I’ve never heard of it, but it sounds interesting.” This blog is no different. So to mix things up a bit, I will list a series of things, of which I’m sure all of you would recognize at least one. If you don’t recognize anything, then I suggest that you stop locking yourself in your bedroom and get some fresh air. I, of course, say this in the most friendliest, kindest way possible.

I’ve chosen six songs that are all pop songs from the mid to late 2000s by non-American singer-songwriters. Yes, it’s a very specific theme that I accidentally came across. How many songs do you recognize? Please say at least one, or I will cry. You know I will, and you don’t want me to cry. Really, you don’t.

This is the Life (2007) – Amy Macdonald (Scotland)

Suddenly I See (2004) – KT Tunstall (Scotland)

Warwick Avenue (2008) – Duffy (Wales)

Bad Day (2005) – Daniel Powter (Canada)

Sweet About Me (2008) – Gabriella Cilmi (Australia)

2 thoughts on “Remember These? (Songs) – Michelle Branch is nowhere to be found in this post

  1. I recognised three. KT Tunstall, Daniel Powter (I really loved Bad Day) and Gabriella Cilmi. What happened to Cilmi? One hit wonder? I never heard of her after that song. I hated that song too, actually. 😛

    I knew Duffy, since she sang that Mercy song, which I also hated. Haha.

  2. I remember Duffy!!! That’s the only one I’ve got though. The late 2000s are a blur to me now. Even though it was only 15 years ago, haha.

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