Like a good blogger, I’m there… with a boatload of sarcasm and a sandwich

Commercials. They can make you happy. They can make you cry. They can make you throw your cat at your television. State Farm commercials, however, amuse and entertain, me at least.

For those of you not in the know, which includes pretty much everyone not living in the US, heh, State Farm is simply an insurance completely here in the land of bald eagles and sarcastic slightly-off (but only slightly) Asian guys. Not really your first choice of a company that has humorous entertaining commercials, I know.

Now, of course, you could say some of the commercials are false advertising but, honestly, if a person actually thinks their insurance agent is going to pop into your life every time you sing a commercial jingle, then you need to be mentally institutionalized, or at least gain a sense of humor. Whatever is easier for you. They’re not supposed to be serious. They’re supposed to be fun and entertaining and somehow get you to get an insurance policy from them. Wait a minute…

But seriously. Watch them, and I guarantee that you’d at least wonder who the heck thought of these ideas and what they were smoking at the time.

3 thoughts on “Like a good blogger, I’m there… with a boatload of sarcasm and a sandwich

  1. That State Farm Commercial with Jake got so popular that he has an official Twitter, and I’ve seen people dress up as him for Halloween! I think State Farm was smart to make a commercial theme that is so memorable. It’s like everyone knows the jingle now. I also like the ones by Old Spice. They’re so weird and funny!

  2. The Jake from State Farm commercial was marketing genius! I quote it pretty frequently and it’s something that everyone has seen or heard of here! I always wonder about the behind the scenes making of the commercials because some of the ideas or so whacky and wonky you would think they wouldn’t work, but then they end up being super popular!

  3. I’ve never heard of State Farm, but those commercials are interesting. I love how people have so many different ideas about what works in advertising. We’ve had some really strange ones.

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