Going back to 2010 and watching TV shows on ABC no one knows

I like to think of myself as a television fan who has vast knowledge more on obscure, barely-known shows than popular shows that almost every person in every country has heard of. Like seriously, if you’re Australian and you haven’t at least heard of Friends, I will slap you with a bald eagle. And you will like it.

I am quite fond of the year 2010. I’m not exactly sure why. Perhaps it’s because it’s the year I decided to go back to college. Maybe it’s because it was just a good year for television. Or it’s just a round number. I don’t know.

When I think of good TV shows in 2010, I often think of ABC. This is mostly because it was the network I was watching quite a few TV shows that premiered (and later got canceled) that year. I, of course, don’t discriminate against any network. I just used to watch a lot of ABC at the time. Like I always say, sue me.

My Generation
Summary: A mockumentary drama about a group of people in Austin, Texas who participated in a documentary about their senior year of high school ten years prior, the documentary crew comes back to see what they’ve been up to.

Note: I wrote a more detailed post here.

The Gates
Summary: The new police chief of a gated community quickly realizes that the people aren’t who they appear to be.

The Deep End
Summary: Five first-year lawyers start their careers at one of the most prestigious law firms while trying to juggle both their professional and personal livesw. Think of it as the lawyer version of Grey’s Anatomy with not as man sex scenes.

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  1. Some years there are just a number of shows that are created that are really good. It’s great that you like this. I also think that if a really solid show is created, it doesn’t really matter when it was made, but that it can be watched and rewatched! 😀

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