That awkward moment when you didn’t buy enough kawaii stationery

It should be no secret that I am a collector of everything. It says so in my bio. I am especially fond of kawaii items, and I have a rather large collection of kawaii stationery. I’ve been wanting to place an order from my favorite kawaii stationery store, KawaiiYa, for the past two years, but I just couldn’t take the plunge. Well, I did it. I dove into a virtual pile of kawaii stationery and grabbed myself a few goodies.

Here’s what I bought. I decided to place a smaller order than I have in the past and, honestly, I wish I had bought more. Sigh, and here I was thinking I was being financially responsible. Nope. I just deprived myself of getting more kawaii goodies.

Here are the memo pads that I bought. I chose not to buy any mini memo pads. I haven’t really been a fan of them, since they’re really too small to do anything practical with them anyway. Not that I actually use my kawaii stationery anyway, heh.

Sticker Sheets

Sticker Sacks

A Rilakkuma Letter Set

Deco Tapes

Oh, and oh look, some free goodies I got with my purchase. Yay for extras.

3 thoughts on “That awkward moment when you didn’t buy enough kawaii stationery

  1. Everything is so cute! I can’t ever buy really cute stationary or stickers because then I don’t want to use them and ruin them and then they just sit around – and I don’t collect them haha. I used to have the biggest sticker collection when I was younger – I had a whole dresser drawer full! Sadly I think I gave them all away to my mom’s preschool class. At least they got a lot of good use from them 😛

  2. I love kawaii anything. I’m so crazy about it! I can’t buy stationary, but that’s awesome regardless!~

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