Sorry, I’m busy. I have to read these online articles for the billionth time.

For more than ten years, I have developed a habit of reading random forums and publications of various topics. Television. Music. Crafting. Survivalist. Vegan. Parenting. Weddings. No, I’m not a bride-to-be 40-year-old woman with two children. I am a writer though. I get curious about, well, everything. And as a result, I read everything. From time to time, I like to reread previous articles and posts from years and years ago repeatedly. Again, like with everything it’s the nostalgia and the familiarity. I’m going to share these articles and posts with you because, well, even though they may be wildly outdated, they’re still interesting reads. If nothing else, you’d be slightly more amused than you were. Again, like so many of the things that I write about, this is most likely going to be part one of 1,500 posts. So get comfortable and enjoy the ride.

If you have read this blog for long enough, you know that I have an affection for New York, since that’s where I’m originally from. So, naturally, I’m going to pull some of my favorite articles from New York Magazine. No surprise there, I know. I might as well be the Statue of Liberty.

My Roommate, the Diamond Thief
By Brian Boucher
Originally Published February 6, 2006
A man shares the story of how he became roommates with a diamond thief he met on Craigslist

From the Sidewalk to Your Living Room
By Grant Stoddard
Originally Published June 25, 2005
A man spends the day dumpster diving to find furniture and other goods to stage an empty apartment.

How Far Would You Go for a Piece of Real Estate?
By Robert Kolker
Originally Published February 7, 2005
A man goes on a long, tedious journey to find the owner of the decrepit building next door and possibly purchase it for them.

Last Home Standing
By Jennifer Gonnerman
Originally Published September 6, 2009
After the housing bubble, a woman tries to hold onto her home while everyone around her is in foreclosure.

My Adventures in Psychopharmacology
By Gogo Lidz
Originally Published October 24, 2007
A young woman tells the story of her experience with taking antidepressants, ADD medication and assorted illegal drugs and alcohol over a period of six years.

As a side note. It’s very similar to the BuzzFeed video where another young woman shares her experience with taking antidepressants. Yes, you will cry, and you can blame me for your tears.

2 thoughts on “Sorry, I’m busy. I have to read these online articles for the billionth time.

  1. Rereading these makes sense to me for the same reasons that we reread books or rewatch movies and TV shows. We enjoy them and we enjoy the familiarity. Thanks for sharing these!

    I read “My Roommate, the Diamond Theif,” and holy crap! How terrifying! I can’t imagine having to go through something like that. Craigstlist always makes me wary because of stories like this, so if I ever buy something I have someone go with me. 😛

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