The Sound of My Hypothetical Wallet Crying: Ebay VS. Etsy

I love receiving packages. It gives me something to look forward to. Although I am largely happy with most of my purchases, there are some items that I regret buying. Just to give a few examples: A Naruto action figure, various craft supplies I never use, unused stationery and of course, the two cases of Big Bang Theory blind box figures that I bought during a brief lapse of insanity. I like collecting things. Sue me.

I do enjoy browsing for items, and I’ve gotten into the habit of browsing Etsy and Ebay without actually purchasing anything. I have good self-control, I know. For fun, I wanted to brows Etsy and Ebay to see what I can purchase from each site for $25 each, including shipping.

My general game plan was to stick with what I know. For Etsy, I chose mostly artwork because I love having a wide selection of artwork to choose from, as seen here. For Ebay, I chose items that fit with my current collections. Although this is hypothetical, now is not the time to try to start a My Little Pony collection.

This is what I came up with. All totals include shipping.


Stitch on a Wrecking Ball 5×7 Print ($7.94)
Invader Zim and Gir 5×7 Print ($4.98)
4×6 Photograph of a Fence ($6)
Love to Highest Mountains 4×6 Postcard ($3)
Love to Ends of the Earth 4×6 Postcard ($2.75 with another purchase)
Total (Including Shipping to the US): $24.67


Green Monarchs Playing Cards ($10.48)
Blue and Black Batman Returns Batman Action Figure ($5.23)
Cake (The Band) Promo Sticker ($1.99)
Album for Elongated Coins ($6.50)
Total (Including Shipping to the US): $24.20

I am mostly happy with my choice. I do regret not buying any practical items, but Ebay and Etsy are not the best places to shop for practical items anyway. Of the two, I much prefer my Ebay purchases. I’ve fallen in and out of love with Etsy over the years, and I’m currently in the “out” phase of our relationship. You’ll always find something to buy at Ebay that you wont regret. It may or may not take you 15 failed attempts. Don’t ask how I know that.

1 thought on “The Sound of My Hypothetical Wallet Crying: Ebay VS. Etsy

  1. Ebay and I have a pretty bad relationship LOL. Well, to be fair, it wasn’t Ebay’s fault, but the sellers on there — I’ve had the pleasure of dealing with some difficult sellers. Anyway, I prefer Etsy these days because I’ve yet to run into a bad seller, and I’ve been satisfied with what I’ve ordered 🙂

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