The desire to watch a film where Chris Pine is not shooting anyone

Every once in a while, I enjoy watching an action-adventure or a suspense thriller or a fantasy/supernatural of some sort. My heart, however, belongs to realistic comedy dramas. It might be because there’s just something abut watching something in film or TV that could actually happen in real life that makes me feel all warm and nostalgic inside. Oh, no. There I go throwing the N word again. Let’s just move on to the movies I’ve enjoyed that fit this genre.


Summary: A young man finds out he has cancer and undergoes chemo therapy.

Thoughts: It’s a touching, heartfelt film that will pull you into the life of a character who is dealing with a difficult situation and trying to hold everything together.

People Like Us

Summary: After the death of his father, a man finds out he has a half-sister.

Thoughts: It’s more drama than comedy, but it’s lighthearted enough to make up for the lack of comedy.

The Kids Are All Right

Summary: The teenage children of a lesbian couple want to connect with their sperm donor father.

Thoughts: It’s a quirky film that has its comedic and heartwarming moments, but there are also some moments in the film where it’s as boring as real life.

2 thoughts on “The desire to watch a film where Chris Pine is not shooting anyone

  1. Me and my husband watch a lot of movies, but I haven’t actually seen any of these! Though we normally don’t watch a lot of movies in this genre, so maybe that’s why, haha. 50/50 looks really good!

  2. Ive never seen any of these! I don’t often go to the cinema, as I tend to prefer TV shows, but some of these look pretty good. I’d definitely watch 50/50!

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