No, I don’t find songs through TV shows. I find them through commercials.

As a person without a TV, I don’t get exposed to as many commercials as I used to. Of course, I still use the Internet on a daily basis, so I do get bombarded with commercials and advertisements all over the place. I haven’t really seen many commercials that I’m fond of the past years though. I know. I know. Commercials are not supposed to be memorable or nostalgic. Still, when I had a TV, there were quite a few commercials that immediately grabbed my attention, and I have since missed them. So, I should be thankful that YouTube exists.

Although well-known songs are used in a lot of commercials, songs not familiar to the general public are used just as much. I did not know any of the songs in the commercials below beforehand and, now, I associate these songs exclusively with the commercials. As a result, I have nostalgia for these songs and commercials. Yes, there I said it. Commercials make me nostalgic. Sue me.

Coincidentally, all of the commercials are between 2009 and 2010. What amazes me is that the songs enhance the commercials. They don’t overpower them. Of course, I don’t know what song could overpower an Advil commercial but nevertheless, it works.

3 thoughts on “No, I don’t find songs through TV shows. I find them through commercials.

  1. That’s interesting how you do too because I have a method to how I find my own songs: video games! You’d be very surprise at the content games have.

  2. I would completely disagree with you on the point about commercials and memorability. They ARE supposed to be memorable, they’re supposed to connect with you and make you want to purchase a product or a service. I would say that even if its ‘only’ the song used that hooks you, then the commercial has done it’s job. Well, at least sort of.

    I love the link between commercials and music sales. Especially in the 90s and it was so often songs used by Levi, songs that no-one had heard of, were topping the charts.

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