Timeless Thoughts: Crying in the corner where a TV should be

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You come home from a hard day of work. All you want is to relax and enjoy your life. You walk into your living room and see your loving TV. It immediately greets you with open arms. You smile at it as if you’re seeing an old college friend you haven’t seen in years. You then sit down on your couch, grab the remote and enjoy your shows.

I am one of those unfortunate people who does not have a TV. I heavily rely on online resources. You might think, “Oh, it’s enough. Go cry about something else.” I am here to tell you, no, it is not enough, and I will not stop crying over this unfortunate loss.

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You may wonder why I ultimately gave up having a TV. The honest answer is that it was one less thing for me to move with me, and I thought I could survive using Hulu and Netflix. I have but, believe it or not, as a result, this choice has made me nostalgic of having a TV. I’m like the only person who sees a TV as nostalgic, as most people still have one. I’m a disturbed person, I know.

In my college years, I took a class called TV and Society. Yes, there are such classes. Don’t be so shocked. In the first class I attended (I signed up for the class late), the professor asked who didn’t have a TV. I was the only person who raised their hand. She looked at me as if I showed up to the class naked. She then looked at the class and proceeded to say, “There’s always at least one.” I politely laughed while secretly thinking, “Um, I didn’t want to lug a TV with me every time I moved. I’m not an alien.”

Not having a TV (and cable) was ultimately my personal choice, but I reminisce every single day about turning on the TV and finding something, anything that will satisfy my soul for at least a little while, at any given moment. I can, of course, do that now with my laptop, but it’s simply not the same.

I will eventually get a TV but for now, staring at my laptop for hours with a look of disappointment and contempt, will do.


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5 thoughts on “Timeless Thoughts: Crying in the corner where a TV should be

  1. I have a TV but no channels. I just use it for Ps4 and Netflix because I don’t see the point in buying a TV license when I hardly watch anything. I prefer choosing what I watch on DVDs and Netflix!

  2. I have a TV, but no channels, either. I only use it to watch movies on my PS3 and to play games. This became the norm for me since 2000ish, and I find myself happily living without a real “television” XD;;

  3. Me and my husband recently bought a TV, but we don’t have cable. I was honestly really wanting to wait to buy one because we are moving soon and it would be one less thing to have to move! We mainly use it for video games and Netflix, but we could totally survive without it. I used to just watch Netflix before hand on my laptop. I really don’t find it too strange for people to not have a TV. I feel like we’d all be a bit more productive without it haha.

  4. I have two t.vs…one in the living room and one in the bedroom, but they are mostly there for gaming purposes. Yay! And sometimes Netflix or Youtube, but that’s it. I don’t bother watching t.v with those long commercials. They are a big drag. I’m productive the same as I’ve always been.

  5. I have a tv but it has no antenna. It’s a smart tv that is hooked up to our network and we watch whatever tv show we like at that moment. I also occasionally stream tv through network provider apps but that’s about it.

    I actually like that I don’t just sit and mindlessly watch tv anymore, taking in a bunch of marketing junk while the ads come on and I also only watch shows when i want to. I love not having to be a slave to the tv networks 🙂

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