Chris Hardwick is eating a large cookie and staring at me

I like to joke around that I’m living in 2004 due to my fondness of the past and my unwillingness to conform to having a smartphone. I will keep my beloved childhood memories of things that are no longer “in fashion” and my pay-as-you-go phone that makes everyone scream in horror and hug their precious smartphones, thank you. Nothing screams “early-to-mid 2000s” than a stack of magazines on a table.

I’m in a small elite group of people who still actually buy magazines. Yes, I am so desperate into becoming one of those sad people on Hoarders, that I’m paying for clutter. I do enjoy browsing for magazines both on Ebay (Yes, I buy magazines on Ebay. Oh the Horror.) and at my local library bookstore. I never know what I’d find. Here they are nearly divided into specific magazines. Yeah…I have eclectic tastes in magazines. Well, in everything, really.

And here’s a lone issue of Popular Photography feeling left out and isolated.

Sure, I mostly rely on the Internet for news and articles now, but there’s just a special feeling that you get turning each page, one by one. Also, it’s fun to look through the ads. You just don’t get the same effect from a banner ad.

No matter how outdated they are, you can always learn something new. I was browsing through an old issue of Wired, and came across an article about a man who was trying to be more productive. He read three books on organization and implemented the methods and strategies in his everyday life. I thought the person who wrote the article was just a random freelance writer. Um, I was wrong.

Yes, that’s Chris Hardwick, and he’s standing in a hot tub. For no reason, here’s another photo of him surrounded by post-it notes and eating a large cookie. Yes, he certainly was living the dream when he was writing this article.

Now, if you don’t mind, I’m going to spend hours flipping through magazines in front of my laptop.

4 thoughts on “Chris Hardwick is eating a large cookie and staring at me

  1. Ahhh, magazines. I was into the teen magazines in my middle school days, and looking back now, I’ve no idea why I read such drivel. LOL. I also read some gaming magazines, and those are way better.

  2. Magazines… you are most definitely the first person I have come across who purchase magazines from eBay. I collect magazines when I go to different places other than my own country so I can appreciate it!

  3. haha, a stack of magazines is very early-2000s indeed! I stopped collecting them a while ago, but I kind of wish I kept some of the old ones. I think it’s really fun to look back on the ads in old magazines. Someone brought in some old tech magazines, and it was amazing to look back on the old computer ads and the type of specs they were showing off. That’s funny that you found an old article by Chris Hardwick!

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