A guide for people who want to watch TV shows that no one watches anymore

I am a big TV fan but for the past five years, I’ve been feeling a little bit out of the loop with what’s currently on television. Of course, I have Hulu, Netflix and Amazon Prime, but I still feel as if I’m that weird guy staring at a group of colleagues talking about, let’s say Mr. Robot. Sure, I watched the first few episodes when it was available on Hulu but after that, nada, zero, zilch. Ugh. I hate living without a TV.

Because I haven’t been keeping up with most shows currently on the air, or even ones that have been cancelled within the last two years or so, like Breaking Bad, for example, I am being nostalgic of canceled shows that I’ve been fond of over the years. I have taken three popular TV shows that are currently on the air and comparing them to similar canceled shows that aren’t as popular. Enjoy, and I hope you don’t groan in disgust too many times.

If you like Grey’s Anatomy, try…


I’ve given up on Grey’s Anatomy long ago due to -cough- certain events that happened, but I loved the first five seasons. I honestly miss when the other characters referred to Meredith as “dark and twisty.” Mercy is a similar medical drama that primarily centers around three nurses: Veronica, an Iraq war vet who is suffering from PTSD and has a boatload of other problems; Sonia, her down-to-earth best friend who is developing a relationship with a cop; and Chloe, a recent college graduate who is overly optimistic and naive. As you go further into the series , you will discover that Veronica puts “dark and twisty” in a whole new level. Like any medical drama, they are dealing with their own issues and inner demons while trying to take care of their patients and being supportive of one another. The only difference between the two shows is that there aren’t nearly as many sex and hookup scenes between the co-workers in Mercy. Surprisingly, a show can be quite enjoyable when everyone’s not sleeping with one another.

If you like The Big Bang Theory, try…

Go On

These two shows might seem completely unrelated to each other, but they both feature groups of socially awkward friends who all have one thing in common. In The Big Bang Theory, the show revolves around a group of geniuses (and one who is not) who are all socially inept in their own individual ways. In Go On, Ryan King, a host of a sports radio show, recently lost his wife and is forced to go to a support group where everyone is dealing with a difficult situation (loss of a loved one or pet, divorce, blindness, being left at the altar, etc.) Go on is a bit darker than The Big Bang Theory, but the banter between the characters balances the more serious moments. Go On even has their very own Sheldon, who is only known as Mr. K. Of course, he’s less ADD and more of a creepy stalker, but they both have the role of “weird eccentric guy that everyone doesn’t like at first but grows on them very slowly over time” filled.

If you like Person of Interest, try…

Burn Notice

Now, Burn Notice is a well-known show, but it’s here because Person of Interest is a carbon copy of Burn Notice. They’re both shows about a group of people helping individuals with dire situations, mostly involving criminals trying to kill them for whatever reason. Along with this, there is also a “bigger picture” that reveals itself bit by bit with each episode. In Person of Interest, it revolves around the machine that one of the main characters, Mr Finch built for the US government: its past, its evolution and the various antagonists who want to control it. In Burn Notice, Michael Westen is a spy who got burned and is trying to find out who burned him. Not surprisingly, it turns out to be a lot more complicated than he originally thought. Both are filled with suspense, red herrings and fight scenes that I have absolutely no interest in. Oh, and a lot of people die. That’s fun.

4 thoughts on “A guide for people who want to watch TV shows that no one watches anymore

  1. I need to get on my TV game, haha. I pretty much only watch Walking Dead, AHS, and sometimes Sunny when I’m feeling Netflix-y. My Mom is still a die-hard Grey’s fan!

  2. I’m always years behind with TV shows. Give it another 5 years and I might start Game of Thrones.

    I liked the first few series of Grey’s Anatomy, and although it’s gone down hill I feel I still have to watch it because I’ve invested so much time into it. It makes me cringe so much!

  3. For some bizarre reasons, I am not fond of TV shows. I much prefer films because I feel like 2-3 hours is doable than say . . . 30 hours? Even with animes, I find myself not wanting to watch series that are more than 78 episodes. I’m just not really into TV shows ^^;;;

    The only “recent” show I got into was Downton Abbey, but even with that I stopped watching it after the third season because they killed off my favourite character 🙁

    This is a good post to showcase some of the lesser known shows, though! If anyone I know want more shows to watch, I’ll rec these for them XD

  4. I feel very out of the loop on TV too. Even though I have cable, I end up having to use Netflix or Amazon Prime to catch up on what’s popular (and hope that the shows make it onto those).

    I’m not a big fan of Big Bang Theory, but I think I’d like “Go On” 🙂 I like the mix of comedy with a more serious, darker side. I also used to like Burn Notice! I got super behind on it, and I’ve been meaning to start over and catch up.

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