Every woman in the entire world will fall in love with me. (Or my kawaii collection.)

One of my fondest memories as a child is when I would go to Chinatown in New York City every weekend with my family. My favorite place to hang out was at the Elizabeth Center, a mini-mall known for having kawaii shops. Unfortunately, times have changed and there aren’t as many kawaii stores. Also, if you’re a stickler for collecting licensed items like I am, you might have difficulty finding things. I’ve been there in more times, and I’ve always been slightly disappointed. I did love it there once upon a time though.

Although I had a small kawaii collection when I was growing up, I didn’t really start collecting until about two years ago. This is when I started buying kawaii things online. Now my collection is ridiculously large, especially for an adult male. But, hey, I’m Asian, so I have an excuse to collect kawaii things. Yay for being Asian.

Now, on to the photos. I do have a lot more than what’s shown in the photos, but this is the bulk of my collection. I know all of you are going to faint in amazement. I might as well call this porn for women.


4 thoughts on “Every woman in the entire world will fall in love with me. (Or my kawaii collection.)

  1. So much awesome! 😀

    I think you can collect whatever you like without having to have a reason for it. If it makes you happy, it can only be a great thing. 😀

  2. I agree with Kya that you can collect whatever you want regardless of your background XD That’s a pretty impressive collection! I used to collect such things in my middle school days. I was addicted to cute/pretty stationeries! Still am to a point, but now I only try to limit my purchases to practical items XD;

  3. Holy cow, look at all that stuff! You have an amazing collection, I want all of it! Especially the pens *_*

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