Sorting through a mountain of “artwork.”

It’s that time again. I am bored with the artwork on my walls. The good news is that I hve a number of picture frames and artwork already, so all I have to do is pick and choose. The bad news is I have a ton of artwork. That, and I’m extremely indecisive. Yay. What a fun combination to be dealing with.

I have a total of five frames of the walls. All of them featuring various pieces of artwork purchased from Etsy. The only pieces I will be keeping are these lovely illustrations of people wearing animal masks. Unfortunately, the seller is no longer selling on Etsy.

Did I say I have a ton of artwork? Or rather, things that can be used as artwork. Prints. Stickers. Greeting Cards. Stamps. Trading Cards. Post Cards. Basically anything that is flat. I am a collector of everything, after all. Most of these, again, came from various Etsy sellers. Yes, I used to buy from Etsy excessively. Sue me, but not for a million dollars please.

Yeah, you read right. I collect greeting cards. Here they are in their glory and, yes, there are two photos.

So, I went through everything, and I picked out some of my favorites. I put them in picture frames to get an idea of what they would look like framed. I am not sure which ones I will be using, but these just caught my eye. Since most of these were purchased quite some time ago, they might not be available anymore, but I am going to link where I got them from anyway.

“I used to be a heroin addict. Now I’m a methadone addict” greeting card. from Seas and Peas.

Dexter patch from Sage.

Mixed tapes greeting card from What the Rock.

“Unreliable Narrator” vinyl sticker from Book Fiend.

As you can see, there is a theme emerging: nostalgia and sarcasm. Yeah, that sounds about right.

5 thoughts on “Sorting through a mountain of “artwork.”

  1. I don’t have that much artwork in my room, but I which I did. I’m thinking of doing a revamp soon, so maybe I’ll look into it 🙂 I love Etsy!

    That’s such a cool thing to collect – I like greeting cards, especially the punny ones. I like the ones you chose 🙂

  2. Nothing wrong with nostalgia and sarcasm! 😀

    That’s cool you collect artworks and greeting cards! I’ve collected a couple of Hakuouki prints I really adore, and I even had them framed . . . but they are not up. I’m hoping to put them up when I move out one day XD

    I do like the “unreliable” narrator one 😀 That tickles the English major in me!

  3. Nice collection! I like the idea of hanging up greeting cards. A lot of them have really cool designs, and I’ve been thinking of framing a few too. I really like that one with several mix tapes. My problem right now is laziness. I also have a lot of artwork I want to hang up, some of which are already framed. I just haven’t put them on my walls yet! They’ve been sitting on the floor for months now. I should uh… do something about that XD;;

  4. Wow, this stuff is amazing – it’s great that you collect all that.

    I wish I was allowed to put stuff up on the walls. I’m renting a flat at the moment, so we’re not allowed to make changes to anything, which is a shame. My walls would be full of puns if I was haha.

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