Online Shopping, Iced Tea and Map Envelopes

We all go through moments of insanity. Some people quit their jobs. Others might buy a $40,000 car. My moments of insanity usually revolve around online shopping. There’s honestly nothing better than sitting in front of your laptop, drinking a glass of iced tea and browsing shampoos on Amazon. Yes, it’s amazing.

Lately, I’ve been browsing Etsy again. Like with insanity, I go through phases with Etsy. For three weeks I might go on a shopping binge, and then suddenly stop for a few months. Guess, which phase I’m currently in?

For some time now, I’ve been searching for map envelopes. I wish I had a legitimate reason for wanting map envelopes, like a lovely childhood memory of making envelopes out of maps with my deceased grandmother, but sadly, I have no such memory. I just like maps, and I wanted map envelopes. Sue me.

I don’t remember when exactly I began my search for map envelopes, but I remember trying to search for them earlier in the year, and I couldn’t find a set of envelopes I liked. A week ago, I continued my search once again, and I found a lovely set of map envelopes made by the lovely Elaine at Moongipsies. After brief moments of excitement and hyperventilating, I quickly purchased them, along with a set of random handmade envelopes. Again, sue me. I’m a sucker for grab bags.

Here are the envelopes in their glory.

I’m probably never going to use the map envelopes because they’re just so pretty to use. The random envelopes would be useful for my packages and craft projects though. Elaine was also kind enough to include extra envelopes, which is much appreciated. I love it when Etsy sellers include extras. It satisfies the hoarder inside me.