Please don’t ask me who my favorite musicians are, or I will shriek

As a reluctant introvert, I always try to be as friendly and social as possible in all situations. I do this for a very good reason. I do not want my neighbors to refer me as “that crazy guy who never comes out and is probably torturing cats right now.” Yeah, I would rather not be tagged as a crazy cat murderer recluse.

The thought of someone asking me to name my favorite TV shows or movies or musicians or whatever else they could possibly ask terrifies me. There was a time in my life where I would lie on my bed trying to think of “suitable responses” to such questions. Yes, I was this concerned about such mundane interactions that happen between two or more people every single day. Hey, I said I’m an introvert.

The main fear I have when someone asks for a favorite of mine, whether it be a book or TV show or musician, is that they’re not going to know who or what I’m talking about. I had an awful experience four years ago when a friend of mine asked what kind of music I liked. I answered with the standard cop-out of “a little bit of everything,” but she kwas relentless in grilling me for more information. “What are the specific genres do you like?” “Oh, you like folk music, that’s cool. Any specific singers?” “Yeah, but name a few. I might know at least one of them.” And that was the point where I wanted to shrivel and die.

Since the fiasco, I have since responded to such questions with random mainstream musicians/bands that I kind of like. Usually it’s Hootie and the Blowfish and Billy Joel. Yes, I know. I’m hip. I would not consider my music taste “mainstream,” so I feel uncomfortable and socially awkward when trying to come up with examples of musicians/bands I like. I have no idea whether or not someone has actually heard of the musicians/bands that I listen to.

Although I do little to a little bit of everything, I tend to stick with folk and rock. My favorite musicians/bands include The Black Keys, Joshua Radin, Vienna Teng, Joe Purdy and Iron & Wine. Yes, some of these are well-known to a lot of people, but I still dread in being in awkward situations where the person I’m talking to has no idea what I’m talking about. I can only shrivel and die so many times.

It doesn’t help that I don’t listen to a lot of music. As someone who doesn’t listen to music outside of his laptop, I heavily rely on Pandora and YouTube videos. Yes, I know. I’m a annoying leech who should burn upon eternal flames.

I do have a tiny CD collection that I’m oddly proud of. I shouldn’t be, because of one glaring reason.

Yes, that, my friends, is a Grey’s Anatomy soundtrack. I know. I just lost all of my credibility. Oh well. You lose some. You win some. You have a tiny CD collection that makes the entire world shake their heads in extreme disapproval.

OK, I guess the next time someone asks me what my favorite musician is, I should just shriek and run away.